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  • Divya Menon

Proactiveness is Key

We have been living through this pandemic for over a year now and it feels like we all have adapted ourselves to the ‘new normal.’ However, it is not over yet, India was hit terribly by the second wave. We were unprepared because there was a shortage of vaccines for a few months but now again the vaccine rollout has started progressively. Citizens are stepping up and are willing to take the vaccines, which is an excellent sign. For the last few months, many cities like Mumbai and Delhi have recorded a drop in COVID-19 cases and have opened up completely. But many other countries who had opened up, recorded a spike in cases again, the death toll rose rapidly and they were not able to get the pandemic under control.

So, as we enjoy the fruits of a long-awaited ‘unlock’ we still have to be extremely cautious during this time too. We, as responsible citizens of our country, should follow the necessary precautionary methods- maintaining social distance, wearing a mask and washing hands at regular intervals. Although our country is slowly opening up and things are coming back to ‘normal’, we cannot and should not let our guard down. A vaccine jab is a barrier that we have built between us and the virus, but those who are not yet vaccinated or are not yet eligible, need to be conscientious because the virus is still out there!

The enhancing and ever-mutating virus, a vulnerable population and limited vaccines and necessary equipment is the genesis of a third wave. Nobody wants another wave of this deadly pandemic which is bringing hardships to many, not just in India but around the world. The government is putting in all their efforts to curb the virus and eventually bring this to an end, but the one hundred and thirty-six crore people of India can do their bit by being proactive. That means- Avoid large crowds if you must go to the grocery store, venture out in the early morning or at other times when it is not busy. At restaurants, use the drive-through and opt for take-out rather than eating in, work from home if you can.

Charles Darwin once said- ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.’

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