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  • Ishika Thawani


Have you ever put off your homework till the last minute? Or started studying for a test only a day before? All of us are guilty of delaying a task till the last minute. This is procrastinating. Procrastination is the habit of postponing a task. In today’s fast-moving world, time is the most precious commodity. When we procrastinate we waste valuable time which we could have used in completing the task. Thus, we even end up wasting our time doing less important things or absolutely nothing, which eventually increases our stress, pressure, and ineffectiveness.

Procrastination is often confused with relaxation. We often procrastinate by thinking that “I'm too tired today, let me just relax and I'll do this later.” This is not relaxation as we're just putting off doing our task till the last minute instead of even starting it. Some people believe that they work better under pressure. However if one has less time how is it possible to finish the task properly? Doing work at the last minute only causes tension and poor performance.

“The dread of doing a task uses up more time and energy than doing the task itself.”

The root cause of procrastination is often considered the fear of failing. We often feel that we may fail at performing a task or will not be able to do it perfectly and so we put off doing the task to avoid failing. In the current situation, when we are all at home there are innumerable distractions. We often spend a lot of time watching television, playing games or texting on the phone. Due to the lack of focus, self-discipline and determination, we end up procrastinating. Thus it is of paramount importance to stop procrastinating else we will repent it. We may waste our energy on unimportant tasks when we feel directionless or lack clarity or when we don't have a set goal. We don't realize the value of time and forget that time waits for none.

“Procrastination is the grave of opportunities.”

It is extremely essential to overcome procrastination. We can start by creating a schedule or a to-do list that will help us in managing our time effectively. We can break down the work into small tasks and do a portion of it every day. Thus we won't have to bear the burden of having to do a dreadful task all at once. Having a clear vision and listing down our goals and tasks helps in increasing our productivity. Organizing our work, staying away from distractions, focus and self-restraint will help us stop procrastinating and use our time valuably.

“Procrastination is like a credit card; it's a lot of fun until you get the bill.

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