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  • Ashi Gudibanda

Puppies; Nothing But Quick Cash : The True Horrors of Puppy Mills

What exactly are puppy mills? Puppy mills are essentially factories that breed puppies as products in them, in vile and unimaginably inhumane conditions, valuing quantity over quality. Female dogs are kept in deplorable conditions, locked in cages that are not even cleaned after they give birth, keeping them filthy and bloody, forced to give birth to multiple litters a year, for their puppies to get taken away from their mothers almost immediately, without even being nursed by them, to get sold to pet stores and sold online. Dogs may as well be the most innocent beings on this planet, overflowing with love and loyalty. They are man’s best friend, and to reciprocate their unconditional love we buy and sell them as products, mass producing them in literal mills with no regard for their lives, their health, or their needs? We lock them in cramped dirty cages and forcibly breed them to sell their children for a quick buck?

What about the puppies produced? Puppies produced from puppy mills have behavioural issues, health issues, and genetic deformities. Due to prioritising quantity over quality, these dogs receive inadequate veterinary care, leading to untreated illnesses and injuries. Many dogs suffer from dental issues, skin conditions, and untreated infections due to neglect and poor hygiene practices. The puppies are sold at a very young age, almost right after they are born, to pet stores and online, and are not even allowed to nurse from their mothers before being sold, and usually die younger than ethically bred dogs.

What is India doing to prevent this? While India has made significant strides in animal welfare through the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, of 1960, there are still gaps in legislation specifically addressing puppy mills. Currently, there is no comprehensive law that specifically regulates or bans puppy mills in India. This legal loophole allows these breeders to continue their operations with no fear of prosecution. Our nation as a whole must come together to protect these innocent souls from the unimaginable horrors they face in these mills, to keep these poor puppies off of our streets and out of our shelters, free from deformities and health issues.

In conclusion, puppy mills represent a dark chapter in the world of pet breeding, causing immense suffering to dogs and perpetuating genetic issues that affect entire breeds. In India, the government must take swift action to address this issue by establishing laws that ban puppy mills altogether. It is our moral duty to protect those who cannot speak for themselves, and banning puppy mills is a crucial step towards that goal.

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