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  • Ayushi Nurani


Imagine if you had to change your entire personality just to fit in and be considered "normal". Imagine having someone tell you day after day that you're not good enough. Imagine living everyday of your life in fear, not having the freedom to do what you want. You're lucky you only have to imagine it. Some people experience this on a daily basis for this is exactly how bullied people feel. It hurts and yet they can never express that pain for they are too afraid of the consequences. That is perhaps the most important reason why this issue should be openly discussed.


Bullying isn’t an issue that affects a specific category of people. The intensity of bullying can vary from minute threats, to physical and mental abuse. The reasons could be anything from something as petty as copying someone’s homework, to something more traumatizing. Every child is different, and each child’s individuality should be respected. So many children, without even realizing, get privy to putting on a fake personality just to fit in, and others who are not capable of doing that, get accustomed to flexing their power to get things done, aka resort to bullying.

Bullying is an endless chain, which comprises people who are desperate to have control over some part of their life, people who are so afraid to stand up against this demeaning behaviour, that they are willing to forgo their mental wellbeing, and finally, the rest of the large crowd of people, who are strong enough to help the people on the other two extremes to cope, but would choose not to, as they don’t know how.


In my opinion, just because it isn’t a diagnosable disease, it shouldn’t be ignored, on the contrary, it should be given more importance. Every family should be discussing this issue frequently, so that, if any member is experiencing it, they can ask for the help they need, without feeling ashamed. According to me, no child would bully any other child only because of sadistic pleasure. This assumption only holds true for us children, as frankly speaking, we lack the basic intelligence and maturity to even understand the brunt of our own actions. No child would ever bully another to seek revenge, or just for the fun of it. Even the bully should be spoken to in a gentle manner without penalization, as there are high chances that they are also going through something and don’t know how to seek help.

~Ayushi Nurani- Batch 2020-21

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