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Robotic Healthcare: An Exciting New Path

Medical robotics is a new field of science. First introduced in 1985, robots, sophisticated computers and machinery, have revolutionised medicine forever. They have not only transformed surgery, but also impacted and improved all fields of medicine. Due to this, doctors have been able to do their work easily, treat more patients and reduce human error.

The following are just some of the many ways robotics continue to improve healthcare to this day.

In the COVID era where testing is all important, computers and robots are used to conduct thousands of tests at a time, thereby testing more people for diseases and reducing the spread of illnesses.

The most standard robots in surgery are part of the Da Vinci system where a robot arm used by surgeons completes operations with just a few tiny incisions. Which reduces bleeding and increases healing in our body. Over the years the same basic technology has advanced exponentially.

In neurosurgery robots (named cobots) are used to position the digital camera so that surgeons get a better view of the brain.

Rehabilitation robots play a critical part in the recovery of the disabled, with improved mobility, coordination, and quality of life. These robots can be programmed to adapt to the conditions of patients as they convalesce from strokes, brain or spinal injuries using technology like robotic exoskeletons that reduce paralysis.

Prosthetics have improved so much that scientists say that these new limbs will not emulate human arms, they will in fact improve them. Perhaps some day we may have our very own real life winter soldier.

Disinfectant robots clean hospitals using powerful UV rays, thereby sterilizing them and making the hospital more sanitary.

These are just a few examples and with the rise in artificial intelligence, these medical robotics shall open many career opportunities, save lives and optimize the healthcare industry, so that doctors can work on and treat patients from around the world.

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