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  • Delina Sharma

Rose’s Hero

What does a hero mean to people? For some it's those characters from fictional novels, for some it's celebrities, but for Rose, her hero is her father. Rose has lived a relatively quiet life, she was a good student, loved her parents dearly and was somewhat popular in school. The assignment for this month was to write about their hero. Many students found this boring, but for Rose, it was a fascinating topic. She had never really thought about her hero. Would it be her favourite popstar like all her friends? Would it be some character out of her favourite movie series? She did not have a single clue and pondered over what to write. Time went by and the day of submission was the day after, yet she still hadn't written a single word. While sitting on her desk, thinking hard about what to write, she heard her father speak in a rushed and panicked tone and she hurriedly made her way downstairs to see what was going on. When she was there, she saw her father leave the house in great urgency and inquired about what was going on. Her mother informed her that there was a huge fire in the factories, and her dad being the fire chief, had to be there. They both quickly switched on the television to see any possible updates about the situation. Terror. Terror was all Rose felt, seeing the intensity and scale of this fire, she worried for her father's well-being.

She knew that the job her father had was not an easy one, she's seen him do this multiple times and reminded herself that this time would be no different than the others. Her father would return home, perfectly fine and they would together pray for the welfare of any injured. All she hoped was that now, she would not have to pray for her father's safety. They waited for hours, to get even the slightest update and finally she heard her mother's phone ring. Rose waited anxiously for her mother to get off the phone, so she could know whether her father was doing alright. Seconds felt like hours for her but her mother finally informed her that her father was doing perfectly fine. Relief washed over her, but the condition of the potential victims was now her bigger concern. After all this settled down, she asked her father what exactly had happened. He explained that there was an oil leak in the factory and one of the workers had lit a flame lighter which caused one whole branch to set on fire. Her dad had saved 40 people from an untimely demise, all while risking his own life.

She asked him why he decided to become a firefighter when he knew the risks were so high. He said that he had not only been trained to survive but that he valued saving other people's lives, even at the risk of his own. She went back to her room, with new inspiration. Her hero had always been her dad. He doesn't just save numerous people's lives, he also sacrifices his own each time he goes to save them. Though she didn't pick someone famous, or someone with superpowers to be her hero, she picked someone who was the best for her. Rose' hero was her dad.

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