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Russia vs Ukraine

“War doesn’t determine who is right but only who is left.”- Winston Churchill.

Is the Russo-Ukrainian war beneficial? The answer is, simply, no. Why? War bears no fruit. The first sparks of the Russo-Ukrainian flame were kindled on the 20th of February, 2014 and now, shows miniscule signs of dowsing off as it burns violently due to the addition of gasoline in the form of destructive Russian missiles laying waste to Ukrainian land since the 24th of February, 2022. Engulfed in its happenings, the world holds on to the edge of its seat to catch a glimpse of the war, being portrayed by the European media. From destruction due to bombing in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, to being unable to evacuate the endangered zoo animals, Ukrainian civilians have been pushed out of the heart of the cities into a makeshift safehouse, which was once Ukraine’s beautiful metro system. The U.N. human rights office has reported over 227 deaths and 525 injuries in a span of roughly ten days, while long lines of traffic leaving the country have also been witnessed.

Although, all seems lost, the suffering civilians have been shown generosity by numerous bodies already. Rumours of Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s internet infrastructure, left the citizens fearing a complete internet blackout and loss of communication. On hearing this cry, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, sent a truckload of Starlink satellite dishes to the besieged country providing them with the relief of an alternate internet service within 10 hours of their request. Another silver lining of this cloud has been Poland’s generosity to house the refugees. Anticipating an influx of refugees until the war ends, Polish officers have informed the European Federation of Journalists of nine open reception centres along Medyka’s 535 km long border with Ukraine. “I am Russian and I condemn Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine” was a cry heard coming from Russian citizens protesting for Ukrainian relief. An honourable mention must be made to the Ukrainian citizens, who with their broken pieces are relentlessly strengthening the walls of humanity. Despite being victims of the Russian invasion, they are looking after the injured Russian soldiers, who at the current rate, are pouring into hospitals 80 at a time. The citizens of Dnipro, a central Ukrainian city, willingly lined up outside a military hospital with water, food and warm clothes for the injured highlighting that-

“Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace.”

Ukrainian citizens hiding in underground metros

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