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For instance, you have a giant straw, and you begin to inflate Saturn. What do you think is going to happen next? Apparently , it’s going to get bigger , and BIGGER , and BIGGER ……That’s enough. Now, if you go on to add some immensely enormous rings, you are going to end up with an entirely new planet altogether! Well, this planet is called SUPER SATURN or simply "Saturn on Steroids". But resist the urge to consider this as merely another Saturn. This planet has been hiding some of the most intriguing and mind-boggling facts - now it’s time to unfold them all.

Not too far from our little solar system lives the 1st ringed planet beyond the solar system, which could easily put our own Saturn to shame . The Lord of the Rings is another planet similar to Saturn except for the fact that its ring system is over 200 times larger . Fair enough to call it the LORD OF THE RINGS right ??

Planet j1407b, dubbed Super Saturn is located in the constellation of Centaurus, roughly 420 light years away from earth. This planet’s ring system consists of about 37 rings each of which is millions of kilometers in diameter . In simple words , if we could replace Saturn’s rings with the rings of j1407b ,they would be easily visible in the night sky. That would undoubtedly be a breathtaking sight and add a little additional flare to our already stunning night sky. Although it’s hard to calculate with the limited information we have currently , this massive exoplanet is estimated to be 20 times bigger than Saturn and takes an entire decade to orbit its sun, which basically means that on this planet you can celebrate your birthday only once every 10 years, , so upsetting !! Quite likely, that is the only knowledge we have about this planet. We know so little about this celestial body that we’re not completely sure if it is a gas giant or a brown dwarf .

But, let's leave this riddle unsolved for the time being and wait for another phenomenal movie on this Lord of the Rings .

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