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  • Annanya Verma

Say Cheese!

“Every picture tells a story...”

Imagine going to a family function, where almost everyone from your family is present. You are having a wonderful time with your family members in every little thing, like the preparations needed to be done beforehand, the running around the entire house for minor things, the event itself, and the days of rest and relaxation after the event is over. Oh! Also, the cleaning up, how could we forget that. You have enjoyed every tiny, minor thing, but after a few years, you may tend to forget some things. Then you go, and have a look at all the pictures taken in those days. No picture was actually perfect, but they all reminded you of the fun, the chaos, and innumerable things, which put a smile on your face.

That, that smile, is the magic of pictures. They have the ability to hold a person’s emotions and memories, and remind one about them every time they have a look at them. It may be any sort of picture, taken at an event, a function, a day out with friends, or a simple dinner with family. It can be imperfect and show chaos mingled with fun, or it can be absolutely mind-blowing, showing the photographer’s hard work. Each and every picture holds a story of its own, and thus, the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, which I’m sure many of us have heard, feels extremely accurate.

Only words may lead to people thinking on a monotonous path, but pictures, be it real, virtual or imaginary, give an entirely new dynamic to those words. I’m certain that many of you, while reading an interesting book, must have visualized it. Your imagination formed pictures in your mind, which helped in making the story more relatable and feel real.

Now, many of you might think that an argument on “Words or Pictures” can rise at this point, but I believe that that is absolutely illogical. One can never ever pitch words and pictures against each other. On the contrary, they complement each other and go hand-in-hand. Pictures have minimal meaning without words, and words get a new point of view, a new dimension with the help of pictures. Both have their own importance, and are beautiful in their own way.

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