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  • Meher Bathija

Seconds. Minutes. OURS.

With the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have transitioned from our normal ‘physical’ routine to an ‘online’ and ‘work from home’ routine. It was initially pretty difficult for all of us to cope up with it, but today, we seem to be quite comfortable with it. Now, the question arises, ‘Are we doing enough?’ As students, professionals, sports-persons, or as people with any sorts of responsibilities, we often ask ourselves this question. For those whose answer to this question is a “NO”, which I’m quite convinced constitutes a majority of us, “Time Management” is of UTMOST importance.

What exactly is time management? Time Management is the simple process of segregating your time into parts, each of which are dedicated to certain activities, such as- work/studies, exercise, prayer/self-introspection, etc. It is about working ‘smart’ and being able to not only handle your tasks but also ‘achieving’ them!

There are various books, articles and other sources of information which provide a very detailed insight into managing your time well. As a student, let me give you a few tips to boost your productivity by being able to handle your time ‘wisely’:

  1. Ensure to make a definite to-do list for a given day

  2. Keep your goals realistic

  3. DO NOT pressurise yourself, however, ensure to give your best every day, while simultaneously keeping in mind your goals

  4. Organize your routine; keep it as consistent as possible

  5. Take regular breaks and provide your body with enough rest as well as physical activity

  6. Most importantly, PRIORITIZE YOUR WORK WISELY

Being a student, I understand and empathize with many of you out there. I know that it isn’t always easy as it sounds, ACTUALLY being able to APPLY these tips in real life is not a simple task, but every step counts. Every step, small or big, makes a difference. May it be in your attempt to start waking up a little earlier than usual, or perhaps trying to include more physical exercise in your routine, or even something as small as starting a journal for yourself. All of this, will one day bear fruit and make you a ‘successful’ and ‘productive’ individual.

To conclude- “Focus on being productive, not busy!”

In the hope that you find this article helpful- HAPPY PRODUCTIVITY!

"Focus on being productive, NOT busy!" (Calligraphy by Meher Bathija)

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bhavee senghani
bhavee senghani



bhavee senghani
bhavee senghani

LOVE IT!!! so true and thank you so much for the tips :)



Amazing. This is so relevant in today's uncertain times. Well said.

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