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Vanity exists in two forms. One is the kind of vanity exhibited by those who recognise it. The other is the “hidden” kind which makes people hoodwink themselves. They label their pride as self-assurance and arrogance as faith. Actress Sharanya is a shining example of such a breed. Sharanya wakes up every morning thinking she still rules the roost in the film industry. She visits restaurants and galas to wave at flashing cameras without realising that none of them capture her when bigger stars are in attendance. She meets producers, directors and industry friends without noticing the obligation that drives them.

Sometimes the signs of Sharanya’s fading popularity are unmistakable. In order to convince herself otherwise, she sits by her vanity table and stares at her reflection in the mirror. She sees the dark brown hair falling in waves down her shoulders and the black eyes that once shone with emotion but now betray none. The fair skin she toiled to keep blemish free and the sharp nose which is the result of countless surgeries. The long lashes, perfectly aligned teeth, full lips and pencilled brows. They assure her that she has beauty on her side like few others do. When they don’t do the trick, she uses words of her own. Words she repeats until they acquire the desired conviction.

“You are beautiful, Sharanya. Beautiful. There is no one like you. You are beautiful…”

On the rare occasion that words fail, Sharanya uses action. She does the only thing that can truly calm her. She brushes her hair. She tells herself, ‘It’s not pride. Its well-deserved confidence’ as she combs through each section and strand of her hair. After that, any shortcoming that still exists is overcome by her vanity itself.

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