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Silent heart Attack: The New Serial Killer

We all know that the common reason for a person's death is due to a myocardial infarction popularly known as a “heart attack”. It is caused due to high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high cholesterol. In 2022, food apps such as Swiggy and Zomato delivered a whopping 12 million samosas, two biryanis per second and over 200,000 cheese dips. All these food items are commonly known for their high saturated fats, salts and carbohydrates which are ultimately converted into sugar in our body. Thus, increasing the rate of heart attacks in the human body.

A heart attack is silent when it has no symptoms or mild symptoms or the symptoms which do not connect to the symptoms of a normal heart attack. Heart attack occurs when the heart is supplied with insufficient amounts of oxygen. It commonly occurs due to a blood clot in the heart.

It can occur while you are sleeping as well as while you are awake.The mild symptoms are the one in which the sufferer suffers from something which is very emotionally and physically stressful for them.

This type of heart attack is common in females. About 50-80% heart attacks are silent. It injures the heart just as much as a normal heart attack does. A silent heart attack is linked to a much greater risk of heart failure. One might not even recognise it if he has gone through one.

If a person has gone through a silent heart attack, he or she gets to know about it only when he or she goes through a medical checkup. The patient should undergo different tests such as blood tests, electrocardiogram, ct scan, coronary angiography, magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiogram etc. regularly to understand and be aware about their heart conditions.

The common symptoms of a silent heart attack identified by researchers say that the sufferer might feel like they have a flu, sore muscles in the upper chest or upper back, ache in the jaws, chest and back, feeling constantly tired and indigestion.

While in the symptoms of a traditional heart attack the sufferer experiences chest pain which lasts more than a few minutes, shortness of breath, discomfort in their upper body, usually have high diabetic issues, break into cold sweats and experience nausea and vomiting.

Silent heart attack occurrences are due to having some heart disease linked with family history, infected with covid-19 and having preeclampsia. Many people do not even know that they might have gone through a silent heart attack. It is treated with coronary angioplasty where the surgeon opens a blood vessel which has got too narrow or clogged. In severe cases a coronary artery bypass graft is performed to create a way for the blood to go around the clogged area.

After a silent heart attack, it is necessary for the patient to go for walks, exercise, take the needful medications and to stop the intake of tobacco, eat healthy food, maintain a healthy weight and keep your stress levels well managed. By making these changes in your life, less numbers of deaths would occur and people would live long and stay healthy.


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