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Sitcoms: Exceptional Entertainment for Everyone

"Legend, wait for it, dary."

― Barney Stinson indirectly expressing my opinion on sitcoms

For decades, one beloved form of entertainment has been a series consisting of captivating plots and creative characters. One genre that has done extraordinarily well in this industry has been "situational comedy" better known as "sitcoms". These serials commonly follow the format of having characters experience various comically problematic situations that get solved by the end of the episode. Hence, instead of having lasting plots reaching several episodes, such shows have short separate storylines. For many viewers, sitcoms are the go-to comedies as they consist of lovable characters, comical plots and gratifying endings.

Initially, sitcoms were heard through radios but now they are conveniently found on televisions and other devices. The first-ever televised sitcom was "Pinwright's Progress" from 1946 starring James Hayter as the owner of multiple stores. Although the show only lasted for ten episodes, it launched off this extraordinary genre of television.

The production of sitcoms truly started in the 1950s with classic black-and-white shows such as "I Love Lucy" which focused on the effects of Lucy's attempts at a career in media on her husband and neighbours and, "Leave it to Beaver" which revolved around the eventful life of a curious little boy. Numerous families happened to enjoy these award-winning shows with their funny characters and wholesome storylines, resulting in the popularization of sitcoms.

Following the success, in the 1960s the world was introduced to several delightful sitcoms such as "The Andy Griffith Show" following a sheriff and the antics of his aunt and cousin. Along with the aforementioned, the 60s also brought the supremely memorable "The Brady Bunch" following the challenging marriage of the father-of-three Mike Brady with another parent-of-three.

The 1990s are one of the most celebrated eras of sitcoms with shows that are cherished and still watched by innumerable millennials and Gen Z-ers worldwide. This period offered industry-changing shows such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" starring Will Smith and his character's move to his Uncle's affluent house, "Seinfeld", "The Simpsons" and, "Everybody Loves Raymond".

The 2000s created remarkable shows which are still getting rediscovered by today's younger generations. A few favourites include "How I Met Your Mother", recounting the story of how Ted met his children's mother, "That 70s Show" following the life of older teenagers growing through adolescence and, "The Office", another groundbreaking mockumentary. An eye-catching trait is that until the 00s, most shows were "multi-camera", meaning they were filmed in front of a live audience; however, with this age came the concept of "single-camera", where the shows were filmed privately and with varied settings. Hence, dialogue became faster and jokes became more subtle.

Finally, we reach the 2010s, the 'golden age of television' and the time of diversity and progression. This era gave us the shows we are watching today and are growing up with. This includes phenomenal shows such as "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", "The Big Bang Theory", and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Shows such as "Parks and Recreation" and "Modern Family" continued the format of a mockumentary where characters are recorded and interviewed by the unseen cameraperson resulting in the brilliant breaking of the fourth wall.

Although we don't know the trend of sitcoms for the future, one can be assured that they will be laugh-worthy and comforting. Especially in these troubling times, when we had no choice but to stay inside for our as well as others’ safety, sitcoms offered a safe haven, something for us to enjoy. It took our minds off things, even if it was just for a little while. Sitcoms are and will always be one of the best forms of entertainment because sometimes all we need is a good chuckle followed by a satisfied smile and that is exactly what a sitcom does, warm our hearts and make us laugh.


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Ranjita Sinha
Ranjita Sinha
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