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Skylands - Dhairya Gupta

Beneath the moonlit sky, a wizard named Kai faced off against Laver, a shadowy sorcerer, in the ancient ruins of the Sky Lands. As their spells clashed, Kai, seeking balance, summoned ethereal chains to bind Laver.

In the aftermath of their battle, Kai discovered the Crystal of Infinity near Laver's remains. Upon touching it, he gained the power to manipulate time and space. With this newfound ability, he revitalized the once-broken ruins, bringing harmony back to the Sky Lands. However, a deeper mystery unfolded as Kai found a concealed chamber beneath the ruins. Inside, he uncovered a dormant mech suit infused with the Crystal's power. As he accepted and donned the suit, it melded seamlessly with his magic, transforming him into a formidable guardian of the Sky Lands. Now armed with both the Crystal of Infinity and the mech suit, Kai was ready to protect the realm. Suddenly, a dark matter inundated the Sky Lands, it was the remains of the soul of the Laver, it took over. The skies darkened and all the people of Sky Lands were now under the control of Laver’s  soul. Laver chuckled and struck a deep smile. Kai was left enraged and knowing any damage would kill the civilians, he counter-attacked and fired right at Laver’s body, but it was of no use. He used the true power of the crystal and the mech. He used all his might.  A bright light struck the sky and the light hit point on, Laver’s body.

Kai had unlocked his full potential! He had been trying to master this since the battle and he had finally entered it. It had taken a big toll on his body. He was bleeding and crouching on the ground but now after entering his full potential, a golden-silver aura surrounded him and he had been healed up and his mech had got a ton of upgrades. But most importantly, the civilians were all back to their normal selves. Kai also took his break but was always ready as and when Sky Lands would call upon him for his help.

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