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  • Tiara Ramchandani

Social Infrastructure

Infrastructure forms a substructure of today’s society quietly supporting the way we live. Progress in Indian infrastructure has been painstakingly slow in recent years. We lack basic necessities like water, sewage, communication and school systems which also causes the emigration of people and develops a bad reputation for our country. No one would want to move into a country which lacks basic infrastructure. Thus, we need to enable economic growth. For the same, let’s identify the problems first.

The lack of water is very harmful to humans and animals, the water drunk in the poor regions of the world contains diseases and damages our health. It is also used to bathe, wash vessels, etc.

The transportation with its network of roads, bridges and public transit, facilitates the movement of people. 

Energy infrastructure consists of power plants or an element of some facility with the installment of electrical equipment. We need well-developed infrastructure to create a better environment for the people of our country. We need efficient transportation and for that, we need to decrease the cost of transportation, streamline supply chains, and contribute to economic competitiveness. Many smart cities like Navi Mumbai and Thane use ICT.  ICT uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data.  Announcing large projects usually results in small outcomes, so they must meet the needs of local communities. Alongside this, it also requires effective implementation on the ground, for example, the installation of solar panels. The poor role of authorisation also plays a big role in this problem and the government must look into this. Institutes should also discuss this problem amongst others so that it can be taken seriously on a higher level, to ensure the best for our country’s infrastructure.

In conclusion, this impact needs to be made or soon enough we will be struggling more than ever, people will move out and lots of lives will be lost. The opportunity needs to be navigated and we as individuals should have the willingness to change and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the world.

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