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  • Aahana Mathur

Solitude is Strength

While the feeling of loneliness is not new and has existed within us and our homes well before the Covid times, the last few months have brought forth an important discussion to the fore. The pandemic taught me that being alone is not that bad and that I don’t always need someone else to make me happy and I can find happiness within myself instead. How do we cope with loneliness? It was never really considered as a health concern, but is now widely accepted and a frequently reported negative emotion in counselling sessions.

We don’t necessarily need to be around people to not feel lonely, one may feel lonely even when they are at a party with familiar people around them. Then there are a few people who can spend hours alone without feeling lonely at all. The meaning of the word Solitude is a state of being alone without feeling lonely. It is positive, transformational, creative and a way of engaging with ourselves. We need to train our mind into believing that being alone is nothing bad and that it's important to really reflect on all the things and spend some time with our own thoughts. If we can encourage ourselves to explore, embrace and even choose solitude, we can save ourselves from the negativity and social stressors with or without people. In the end, it is better to walk one's path alone than with someone who brings obstacles in their path to success. One’s happiness should not depend on anyone else besides oneself.

There should be a balance to everything. Of course, it is good to be around family and friends, to create bonds with others and to choose the people to whom you give your time and effort. They are the ones who will always support and respect your feelings when you’re giving yourself time and space or need them to give you company. Don’t think that there’s something wrong with you if you don’t find the need to socialise, it’s very normal to feel that way and each person has their phase of not wanting to socialise. We all have our own likes and dislikes and it’s important to listen to yourself and give yourself what your mind and body need at the moment. Solitude is the strength of being alone; it is where we become our best company.

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