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Sports- A Life Changer

Different sports are very important to a lot of people. But most people simply seem to think that sports are a means of entertainment. In fact, some people seem to think that sports are negative to people. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people writing essays on how the competitiveness of sports is adversely affecting people. However, I beg to differ. Sports can not only make a huge difference in our country as a whole but also help people’s lives on an individual level.

You might have heard of the name Rani Rampal, the captain of India’s women's hockey team. She lived in extreme poverty and her parents couldn't afford to buy her a hockey stick and she was so malnourished that the coach at the nearby academy couldn’t coach her. So she found a broken hockey stick in a nearby field and practiced in her salwar kameez until the coach finally agreed to teach her. She had to mix water and milk to make it seem like she was having enough milk to remain in the academy! With the support of her coach, who would take care of her dietary needs and bought her kits and shoes she was able to get called to the national team. And now she led her team to the semi finals of the olympics! With the support of her coach and her hard work, sports changed her life and in 2017 she was finally able to buy her family her house.

So as you can see, sports is not a bad thing. Not only does competitiveness bring unity to people throughout the country, it also gives us pride and joy and boosts the feeling of nationalism. Sure this competitiveness makes some people do things like match fixing and other ethically questionable things, but there will always be some bad eggs in the bunch. It's best to focus on the good ones. And as we saw earlier sports can change peoples lives. We should all take up some sport ourselves, even if we don’t plan on participating in the Olympics as sports will keep us healthier and playing games is fun for everyone, if they find the right one!

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