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Support Small Businesses!

The Covid-19 pandemic is going to remain infamous for a wide number of things, one of them including the damage it caused to small businesses around the world. From our local food stalls to clothing stores, it was not a booming year for small business owners. However, in the spirit of humanity, many people took it upon themselves to promote their favourite small businesses, using their platform to ensure that the owners’ and workers’ hard work did not go to waste. And thus, the movement of supporting small businesses consequently gained popularity - a movement that we should wholeheartedly take part in.

First off, what are small businesses? A business that functions on a small scale and needs less capital investment, less labour and fewer machines to operate is known as a small business. Clothes, woodwork, web designing, cookery, garden designer - whatever you think of, there’s probably a small business out there for it! That, of course, raises the next big question - why should we bother to support them at all, when we have other bigger and reputed businesses at our disposal?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a community. Small businesses are often an insight into the community, and buying from them will help in forging deeper connections with people you meet all the time. This will boost the worker-customer relationship into something like that of a family. Moreover, it is natural for small businesses to be far more quality-oriented than larger businesses because they’re run by people who care about their customers getting the best they can. They focus their energies on customer satisfaction, and not on expanding or maximising profits as bigger businesses do.

It’s also more environmentally conscious to support small businesses. They are less pollution than big corporations are, and tend to be far more eco-friendly. Moreover, there is more transparency when shopping from small businesses, and we can easily verify the source, ingredients and quality of products due to the shorter manufacturer to the customer journey. Small businesses employ local people, who might not be viable to be employed by bigger companies. This goes to reduce unemployment and boost the local economy.

Last but not least...let’s support small businesses because we can. Let’s give solidarity to those people who need it. Remember, by supporting small businesses you are actually making a positive effect on the members of the community, an experience you can’t gain by buying from big companies.

So, next time you’re on the hunt for new clothes, or a gift for your friend, jewellery for your mother or maybe just a bite to eat...why not look towards small businesses?

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