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  • Avani Bhandari

Survival begets Survival

We share the planet with animals and plants, so is it wise for us to consume and waste natural resources? Are they only ours? Of course not!

As you all know humans are not the only living creatures on Earth. Plants and animals are also living beings and they share the same resources for their living needs and future generations. Hence, we cannot be selfish and consume all the resources. Even if we do, it will not be beneficial for the ecosystem. Here is why:

Animals and plants play a very important role in our ecosystem and are essential for our living. There was once an experiment conducted to prove the above statement. Two groups were created, one with adults and one with kids. First, they called all the adults and gave them a set of crayons and a sheet. After that, they asked the adults to make a drawing. The adults used all the vibrant colours and made beautiful drawings with grass, sun, bushes, and flowers. Then they called the set of kids and also gave them a sheet but asked them to draw with the remaining colours. There were only colours like black, white, and grey. As you all may have expected, the kids' drawings turned out very dull. This short experiment shows that if we use all the resources there will be none left for plants and animals nor the future generation.

The human population is vast and thus we require the majority of natural resources. However, it is not prudent for us to take 100% of the resources because plants and animals also require them. We are cutting trees which leads to deforestation, which means the destruction of homes of animals. We are killing animals and using them for selfish human purposes like making leather, fur coats, etc.

All of this must come to a stop because animals and plants are living creatures just like us!

Thus, survival begets survival; meaning humans, plants and animals are dependent on each other. We, together, form the food chain and the ecosystem and we must ensure the well-being of one another!


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