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  • Keya Shah

Taylor Swift- The Music Industry

Taylor Swift. My role model. And to millions of people, she is an inspiration.

At 12, Taylor wrote her first song, ‘Lucky You’. That was when she realised that she wanted to work in the

field of music.

‘Tim McGraw’, the first song she released as a qualified musician, came out in 2006 and was the

beginning of her career. ‘Tim McGraw’ was a part of her first album named ‘Taylor Swift’.

‘Fearless’ was Taylor's second studio album. Her fame rose to such a level that she earned four Grammy

Awards at just 20 years of age.

In 2009, Taylor made an appearance in Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana -The Movie’. In 2010 she was a cast

member in the movie ‘Valentine’s day’.

‘Speak Now’, the third album released by Swift, was one of the biggest hits of the year. By now, the slight

changes from country music to pop music were visible but Taylor chose to stick to her original genre.

‘Red’, released in 2012, was Taylor’s fourth album, and is one of the most iconic albums till date.

‘1989’, the fifth album, is one of the most popular albums, even today. This album was important because

it had an entire genre shift from country music to pop music. It landed 10 Grammy Award nominations

and won three Grammy Awards. The time after the release of ‘1989’ was one of the hardest times in

Taylor’s life, because she had to deal with problems regarding her management team, friends, and her

social life. She went into isolation and out of the public eye for two whole years.

The ‘swifties’ (Taylor’s fan base) were waiting for her to return into the spotlight because it had been a

long time since any contact from her was noticed. Seems like their wishes worked, because she returned

with full force and dropped her sixth album ‘Reputation’.

Taylor soon released her seventh album ‘Lover’ and unlike the previous albums that were owned by Big

Machine Records, Taylor owned this album and declared that she would now own and hold control over

all the albums released by her, going forward.

The eighth and ninth album ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’ were released during the Covid-19 pandemic and

also turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year 2020.

After the release of 'evermore', Taylor announced that she would re-record her albums that were

previously owned by Big Machine Records and bring them under her name.

Taylor’s Netflix documentary called ‘Miss Americana’ was released in 2020, after the release of


She released her new album 'Midnights' in 2022,and it already topped the charts. The ticket sites which

held tickets to Taylor’s ‘The Eras Tour’ crashed because millions of people are trying to buy tickets for the

amazing concerts that will take place. Taylor’s new album occupied all top 10 billboard charts on the Hot

100, breaking Madonna’s record. A term known as ‘swiftonomics’ has also been developed which refers

to Taylor’s level of economy that is rapidly increasing.

To me Taylor Swift is more than just a favorite singer. To me and most of her fans, she makes us want to

be the best version of ourselves. Leadership, love, dedication, true friendship, and success are all things

that she symbolizes.

So, here’s to Taylor Swift and to everyone who supported her.

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