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Teacher By Day, Cop By Night... Part 2

The drive is short and in no time I'm parked in front of a three story building. The sun has finally

set, giving me the perfect cover. The car of the teens is parked at the left, none of the

passengers in sight.

I receive a message on the burner phone that informs me that backup is only half an hour away.

However, I know that if I don’t act immediately the lives of the teenagers could be at risk. Having

made my decision I tuck my pistol into the back of my pants. Although I rarely use any sort of

arms, preferring to neutralize the situation best on my own, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The property is surrounded on all sides by a forest, with only a small lane to drive through. The

building is highly rundown and it reeks of alcohol and urine. There are three trucks parked at the

front, and the tracks are still fresh, meaning that they arrived not very long ago.

According to my investigation there is only one guard stationed at the front, who takes rounds

every 15 minutes. The security outside is not as tight as that on the inside, that much is clear

from the information my source was able to gather when he posed as a potential buyer and was

able to help me get a blueprint of the premises.

The mastermind of the operation is Gabriel Sanchez, the son of a rich, infamous retired

politician. He has often been involved in scandals, however never has he been charged guilty.

It's common knowledge to people in the city not to get into his way, or face the consequences.

At the age of 29 he seems to have followed right in his fathers footsteps, living off ruining the

lives of innocents. His father much like him has faced many allegations in his time, which is

expected from the life of a politician. However, what managed to irk my curiosity is the transfer

of a huge sum of money every month to an anonymous offshore account.

Gabriel on record runs a company dealing with construction, however it actually passes for a

front for other illegal activities. He is currently not in the state, closing off a deal in Europe. It

provides a perfect opportunity to bring down this warehouse and pose it as an accident.

I choose my footing with caution, conscious of the fact that the guard could be back any minute.

The real challenge begins once I safely cross the lawn. All I have to do is make sure the

teenagers are safe and hold down the front till my backup arrives, after which they will take over.

I start to make my way around the house to the back where a broken window, just wide enough

for me to squeeze through is, all in time for the guard to return to his post.

Once I climb in through the window, the smell of filth hits my senses such that I have to use my

arm to cover my nose. The ground floor has stacks of notes piled up and wrapped in plastic to

be then put into crates, ready to transfer to their next location. Men with heavily built physiques

monitor the workers as they perform their assigned task. They carry rifles twice as heavy as a

toddler. At a glance around the room, I calculate roughly 15 men.

I make haste and hide behind a tall stack of money when a guard approaches me on his round.

Looking at my watch I realize that it has been 10 mins since I stepped out of the car, meaning

the backup is not too far behind. Seems like luck is on my side today.

There is at the far end of the room, a stairway that leads to the top floors. When I was going

through the blueprint of the building I was able to devise a plan safe enough to get me to the top

without being detected. As I swiftly make my way across the room, crouching behind tables and

stack of notes I discreetly scan the area for the children when a room on the second floor

catches my attention. The doors are closed however the glass on the doors gives me a view of

the inside- three teenagers, one girl and two boys, seem to be in conversation with whom I

know is Gabriels right hand man- Leo.

As discreetly as possible I make my way up the stairs and towards the room. The rest of the

floor is empty and the middle portion constructed in such a way that it overlooks the ground

floor. As I head inspect the room in which the teenagers have been seated, my eyes happen to

connect with the girls. She looks at me panicked and starts to visibly tremble as Leo, advances

towards her and yells. I hold up my finger to my lips silently pleading with my eyes to tell her to

maintain her silence. She visibly flinches back to hide behind the boy on the left while the boy

on the right steps in front of her acting as a shield.

It's a good thing that the boys are protecting her, because she seems to be pretty shaken up

and getting her out of here could prove to be a difficult task.

Businesses like these often prey on the youngsters to do their dirty work and by the looks of fear

on the teenagers faces it's no mystery that these three seem to be here against their wishes.

As I scan the room I make out that with Leo there seems to be only one other guard with him in

the room. I advance stealthily, doing a duck walk as I reach the door. Reaching behind, I remove

a pin from my hair and push it into the keyhole, hoping that the lock does not make any noise

and twist till I hear a click indicating the opening of the lock, using a trick my father taught me

when I was a child.

Crouching down I duck walk further till I am pressed against the wall at the far end. From my

position I get a view of the whole place.

Giving myself a mental pep talk I contemplate my next move. It was still 10 minutes till the

backup made it, and they had no idea that there were three innocents here, which meant they

could get hurt in a crossfire. The only option was to get them to safety so that does not happen.

Without wasting another second I get to work. I retrieve my gun from the back, clicking off the

safety and putting on the silencer so I can shoot down the chains that are hanging on the wall.

The plan is to get Leo out of the office by creating a distraction so that I can take down the

guard and rescue the children.

I fire three shots which seem to be enough to get the cains to fall on the ground with a loud

clunk. The sound bounces off the walls and echoes. Immediately a commotion starts as the

guards look around to catch the culprit and Leo too steps out of the office to check on the


Seeing this as my window I step into the room to find that luckily the guard stands with his back

to me. This will grant me the advantage of the element of surprise. I gesture for the boys to stay

quiet when their eyes grow upon seeing me. The girl stands behind them slightly trembling in


I retrieve pepper spray that I always carry from my pockets. Although I have trained in the

martial arts there is no way I will be able to single handedly knock him out. So I decided to use a

gift given to me by my brother who is four years older than me. Even though he knows I can

take care of myself he often goes out of his way to protect me.

Grabbing a vase that is kept on the table I smash it on the guards head. He reels back in

surprise giving me the chance to stand in front of the three teenagers as I retrieve my gun,

however in haste the guard is able to grab hold of one of the boys and now holds a gun to his

head while mine is aimed at him.

“Shoot and I shoot,” comes his voice with a slight strain to his voice as he furiously blinks his

eyes to get rid of the impact of my hit. Good, he might not be down het but I have a upper hand

in this case.

“Leave the child and fight me like a real man,” my voice comes out calm and composed, in

contrast to the raging storm inside me. There is absolutely no way he will listen to any of my

commands. My first attack seems to have shocked him, and I know that I need to act within the

next few seconds or else I will lose the upper hand.

I look at the boy and signal him with my eyes to move aside on my signal praying that he

understands. Thankfully the boy understands my motive and with a slight nod hits the man's

nose with the back of his head which causes him to loosen his grip on the boy. He quickly

scurries away to the other two as I signal for them to stay back.

The man from the impact of the hit ended up dropping his gun which now rests an inch away

from my feet before I kick it towards the teensgars as the second boy picks it up. I feel better

knowing that they have some sort of protection till the backup arrives.

The guard is clutching his nose with blood dripping down his face as I say, “Raise your hands

and walk out the room or else I'll pull the trigger.” If the backup is not here yet I could use him as

a human shield.

The guard obliges, choosing to listen to me since I have the upper hand now. He walks out the

door and we head towards the stairs. The crowd is still bustling at the bottom as angry guards

tell the confused workers to get back to their job.

I am momentarily distracted when my backup, a group of 30 men and women, break through

the doors. However this gives the guard the opportunity to disarm me. It all poems very quick.

One second I have a gun in my hand and the next I’m pinned to the wall by an extremely strong

man. The three teenagers gasp in shock while I hear my team yelling orders. At Least now I

know that the children will be safe.

Pushing myself off of the wall and lifting myself with the help of a desk by the wall I leap at the

man till I have him pinned under me. I was taught this trick by Max when we used to train

together. I was not heavily built, so using my agility proved to be better than applying strength

against someone twice my size.

Slowly I use my free hand to apply pressure on his neck just enough to have him pass out. I

leave the real interrogation up to my coworkers. My job here is done.

I wonder what Max would have to say about the situation.


“That was very irresponsible of you, Hayley. What if something had happened? What if the

backup wouldn't have reached on time? Did you even think your plan through-”

“You need to stop yelling at me Maxwell. I am a grown adult, I can make my own decisions,” I

interrupt his rant. I am currently huddled up in a thick cozy blanket given to me by the

paramedics. It's been an hour since everything went down and luckily they were able to get hold

of Leo and his men. They will now be sent to trials and hopefully put behind bars.

“I had to step in Max. The children- Daniel, Ryan and Alex were in trouble. Apparently they were

blackmailed into working for Sanchez, something about a few pictures of the girl's family. They

were innocent. I couldn't just sit back and watch. I'm aware that the risk was high, but the kids

are safe and that's all that matters,” I continue. The teenagers parents were called and they

were sent back to the comfort of their family after they gave their statements. I do not regret

stepping in. If I wouldn't have been there- it's best if we don't talk about that. I understand that

he was worried but he needs to know that I am capable of making my own decisions.

“I know. I know you're strong- It's just that I was worried about you. You always make these

reckless decisions and put yourself in danger. You can't blame me for being worried Cruz,” his

tone is soft and worry etches his words and my heart softens for the man.

“Well let bygones be bygones. I am safe now, and so are the children. All's well that ends well.”

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