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  • Mannat Kejriwal

The Abandoned Church

I looked up at the black sky covered with dark clouds. It was 11:30 p.m. and I had no intention of going back to my hotel room which was a few kilometers away from where I was because I wanted to explore the old church. I was determined to figure out what made that holy place that people loved to visit so often and loved spending their evenings there so scared to go there anymore.

Our guide told us about that church that day itself and he also mentioned that there is no one but one old man who visits that church every day without fail and knows what had happened that made the church so haunted. Since that church was also a tourist destination, the tourists often visited the church at 3 a.m. just so that they could have the horror experience.

The man however, did not talk to anyone about him or his life. Even after listening to the tour guide, I went to that church at 3 a.m. alone, the streets were creeping me out and there were dogs barking. I went inside the church which seemed as if it was destroyed recently and I could find the old man sitting on one of the benches. I tried hard but could not read what he intended to do or was doing. The curiosity in me kept me moving forward and I walked up towards the old man. He did not realize that I was standing right beside him.

My voice startled him as I greeted him with a “Hello”. He was wearing old white clothes which felt as if they weren’t washed for weeks, his beard and hair were gray and he had a really sore voice. He wasn’t willing to talk to me however, after several requests he seemed as if he was convinced, and before he could start speaking, he had tears in his eyes. He said that his wife had passed away 36 years ago at a really young age and during her funeral the church had caught fire and the roof had collapsed. He could not complete his only family’s funeral. Since then, there had been paranormal activities going on in the church.

People could hear some evil laughter and a young woman screaming the old man’s name, and every time someone went into the church and made fun of the man, the person felt a shadow would follow them after that. They were sure that the man was cursed, he really needed a soul to rely on or at least to vent his feelings but there was no one for him. He had lost the only family he had.

She was loved by everyone for her gentleness and free-spiritedness and her absence really intrigued the old man and so he visited that church daily just so that he could pray that his wife's soul rested in peace.

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