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  • Manya Kapoor

The Bane Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the usage of another person's words without suitable attribution. The act of plagiarism has been on the rise lately. It has been the reason for many people's downfall.

The temptation to plagiarise is common. It is the villain that often masters the minds of students. Once it takes charge of our senses, it stays put for a long time. People use plagiarism for many reasons, some being ignorance or simply laziness. It starts effortlessly and then becomes a habit. This habit can cause problems in the long run.

The main issue is time. Many students use plagiarism as a tool as they find it tough to manage time efficiently. This problem takes place mainly for the submission of assignments. Many students leave homework and projects pending till the last moment and then, in a hurry to meet the deadlines, they often make use of plagiarism. Students do it under pressure sometimes. Some merely copy-paste the texts of someone else while others piece around the work of others.

The Internet has served as a medium for plagiarism. Once on the Internet, certain data becomes the property of all. One can find anything on the web just by entering the right words in the search box. Moreover, as it is very easy to copy information from one site and put it as your own, students use the Internet to write essays and complete homework.

Plagiarism is also utilised by adults. Several job officials often use the work of others without giving them credit. Many of them say it is accidental though some do it not so accidentally. Often, individuals fail to see the error they are making, but eventually, when they are accused of doing it, they realise the monstrosity of the act.

Authors, magazine writers, journalists, researchers, and many professionals get into the habit of committing plagiarism. Numerous professionals lose their jobs due to plagiarism. Just by duplicating the work of another person without giving them credit, one can complicate their career forever. Once the stamp of plagiarism is on your head, it may not be forgotten for a long time.

Though plagiarism takes over a person entirely, there are various ways by which one can stop oneself from doing it. Copy-pasting information from others' work to do your own work is wrong but referring to others' work to complete your work is completely fine. There are various plagiarism checkers on the internet which can be used. Even if one really likes the way a person has done their work and wants to replicate a part of it, they should give credit to the person in some form in their work.

The 'crime' of plagiarism can be made extinct by working harder. This villain can be destroyed in our minds if we wish to remove it. Plagiarism may be on the rise but we should cause its downfall as fast as we can.




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