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  • Kreshiv Kewalramani

The Bright Side of Inventions

Man is constantly discovering and inventing an uncountable number of things. We have evolved as a species due to these inventions and discoveries over many aeons. Man's earliest inventions date back two million years to the Stone Age. The first invention was the use of stone tools to cut meat and weapons for hunting and safety. The next great discovery in the history of mankind is the discovery of fire. Fire is a discovery that kick-started the evolution of how humans used and harnessed energy. It was used to provide heat and to protect humans from animals who tend to be scared of fire. Fire was also used to cook food and this has impacted how humans digest their food forever.

An invention that allowed humans to take over the world was the wheel. The wheel might seem like a simple tool to us right now but in the days when travel was only possible on foot, the wheel was the beginning of a revolution. It made travel and transport of materials so much easier than it ever was before. A great discovery that began an era was the discovery of electricity by Sir Benjamin Franklin. In the year 1752, he was conducting an experiment involving a kite and a key on a rainy day. He flew the kite during a thunderstorm and was shocked by the electricity formed in the storm clouds that had been conducted to the key. This unintentional discovery has revolutionised the world. This discovery has been the mother of so many other inventions and discoveries in itself.

Discoveries and inventions in the medical field too are no small feats. From the accidental discovery of penicillin to the vaccines that have been made today, these discoveries and inventions have made our lives so much safer and longer, Not just medicines but also the discovery of our own bodies. We have gone from a simple cold being a life threatening disease to transplanting hearts and giving people a chance to live their full lives.

No one who discovered and invented these things knew it would be a revolution in itself. So many small things have changed the way we live for the better. The world is constantly changing and we are at the helm of the ship. We now have the world at our fingertips and the opportunity to travel to every corner of the world. Let us grab on to our opportunities and use our resources to the best of our abilities.

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