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  • Radhika Nikam


"The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be, rather than recognizing how we are."

Social psychology quotes stereotypes to be a tool to make insight into the world, analyze information, and systematize nearly every aspect of social life.

However, I doubt this psychology.

Over the years, stereotypes have become more like a threat.

It installs hindrances around an individual, curbing him/her from pursuing his/her passion. It shatters self-esteem, reliance, independence, and, most importantly, aspirations.

The women of yesterday were expected to be feminine and submissive. The women of today's society are expected to be independent and breadwinners. However, she must be an excellent and supportive housewife and mother. These expectations haven't changed a bit over the years. They will forever remain expectations because they aren't a plausible reality.

Once a woman accepts her true self, society goes back to putting across a set of new unachievable expectations to make her feel belittled. This is what our current community interprets as insolence, empowerment and modernity.

In the ever-prevailing male dominant society, it's obstinate for women to chase their careers and passions. Not because it's tough to compete against the men but because it's troublesome to compete against the social standards that predominate.

Fighting against these norms is Herculean but not impossible. Every woman must speak up against injustice because if her voice isn't put to use then it will forever remain sealed.

"Being a woman should be your supreme achievement and not your deepest fear. Celebrate womanhood, fuel yourself with self-confidence and let that fuel empower you to soar towards your dreams."

-Mani Mukhija


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