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  • Hridaya Badlani

The Dark Side of Light

When the bulb came into existence, it revolutionized the world and made Thomas Alva Edison a certified genius. However, if there was one negative to this revolutionary invention, it is the fact that it was the first step to an emerging problem that is now increasingly affecting our Earth. This is nothing but ‘light pollution’. Not commonly spoken about, but highly significant in today’s rapidly modernizing world.

In simple words, light pollution is the excessive use of artificial lights like electric lamps and bulbs which can lead to serious environmental consequences for humans, climate and most importantly the ECOSYSTEM. It has washed out the magnificent starry night sky, it kills millions of birds every year and disrupts nature’s balance. It also interferes with astronomical research and heavily impacts the seasonal cycle of trees as well as the life-cycle of various animal and bird species. However, this vicious problem is in its comparatively early stages, so there are some solutions available for us to imply. It is my belief that no matter how big a problem you seem to be facing in life, there always stands a solution in your path. This is what keeps me going to overcome the challenges life has to offer. Coming back to solutions for this lethal issue- we must follow certain measures like turning off lights when not necessary, purchase IDA approved light fixtures and use core glow stones at night. These stones do not ‘cast’ light as electrical lights do and can be used as light pollution indicators.

We as humans are the most dominant species, which is why we feel we can act according to our whims as we keep exploring, ignoring the fact that few of these have caused intense harm to animals and the environment. However, we continue on this relentless pursuit to make the world “advanced” for ourselves. Instead, we should take care of mother earth and our fellow creatures and be more compassionate to all inhabiting this Earth.

A different ‘perspective’ to light pollution

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