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  • Zahra Kanorwala

The Diamond Jewels of Cambridge

Lady Cambridge was pacing in the living room waiting for the arrival of detective Zucerberg. He was one of the world's best detectives. She had hired him to find the robber of the Diamond Jewels of Cambridge. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell.

There stood Mr. Jane Zucerberg. He was in his late thirties, curly hair and blue eyes, a face one could surely not forget.

“My lady” ,said Mr. Zucerberg respectfully. “I know that you are worried about your jewels but I assure you they shall be found!”

“How did you know they were stolen? We did not tell anybody about it! Only my husband and I know. Not even the guards or the maids were told, to avoid unwanted press.”,said Lady Cambridge, baffled.

“I am a detective.It is my business to know things.”

“I will have to question Lord Cambridge first.”

“Certainly! Lucy, would you please call the Lord? Thank you!”

Lord Cambridge was in his study reading a book. He was wearing a three piece tailored suit which seemed to be old as the pants were now ¾. He had a straight posture and light blonde hair. He could not sit still in his place because of the thoughts running in his mind about the robbery.

“Sir,The detective has called for you,” said Lucy.

“Hello sir! May I please ask you a few questions?”, said Jane respectfully.


“Could you please tell me something about the robbery? No detail is too small!”

“The jewels are kept in the safe which is protected by a five key password.The password is only known to me and the guard Peter for security reasons.They are worth around three million dollars !”

“May I interview Peter?”

“Yes, certainly.”

“Thank you for your time, I will speak with you shortly”, said Mr .Zuccerberg and bowed down.

Peter was a well built man wearing a blue coloured uniform.

“Hello Mr.Zuckerberg”, said he.

“Hello Peter. I would like to ask you a few questions.Lord Cambridge states that you know the password to the safe where the jewels were kept?” “No sir”, said Peter, shocked.-”I do not know.I don’t know,” said Peter repeatedly, shivering not out of cold but fear. Someone knocked on the door.”Come in”-said Mr.Zucenberg “Sir we got the forensic reports for the safe handle, there were fingerprints found and you must see the report,” said Lorenzo conveying the message. " Hmmm, interesting! The fingerprints according to the report belong to you Peter. We have to arrest him sir, as we have evidence. You are arrested Mr Peter!" said Lorenzo Mr. Zucenberg frowned. He knew something was wrong here, the case was just too easy and obvious. He decided to investigate further, not letting a soul know about this as he suspected someone in the family or from staff was involved. He went home and tried to hack into the bank account of Lord Cambridge . He could not crack his password as it had a rotating chain password and only a professional could do it.He decided to take help from his old friend ,Tom. He went to Tom's house and knocked on the door.Tom opened the door.He was wearing a green top and jeans and looked like he was planning to go out but invited Jane inside. He offered him coffee and they started talking.Jane explained the situation to him. After hearing this Tom was shocked.An eight rotating chain passwords were almost impossible to crack. It would take him almost twenty hours to do so. “I request you to please do it as early as possible .Could I please come tomorrow at 1700 hours”,said Jane pleadingly. “I will try” ,replied Tom assuringly The next day what Jane saw befuddled him but as soon as he saw Mr Swaroski’s name the famous illegal dealer everything became clear. He understood what had happened He drove hastily towards the Cambridge house and rang the bell. The door was opened by Lucy.He asked Lucy to take him to the locker.She fumbled but seeing the anger in his eyes agreed. He found traces of pepper, he was correct!

He gathered all the family members in the garden.All the members gathered but everything was as clear as mud.They thought the case was closed.The culprit was found. Fuming with anger exclaimed, “The culprit is not the Guard, it's you" he said pointing towards Lord Cambridge. “How dare you!” exclaimed Mr.Cambridge. "The democratic government has not only taken all your power but also has drained your wealth. The only valuable thing you have in your possession was the diamond jewels.If you wanted to sell them it would have taken months because of it’s worth. As soon as I saw the name Swarovski . I knew what happened. You sold the jewels in the black market as you needed to repay your debt. You received a life-threat for the loan money which you hadn't paid, didn't you? I found the mail.There is no point denying. I found pepper. The Lord Cambridge had used the old pepper plastic trick,where he had stolen fingerprints from the Guards sword and pasted them on the safe.A thief would never leave prints behind right? Lastly,The guard was innocent.He had nothing to do with Lord cambridge. He was neither the head guard nor was guarding the safe. Therefore Lord cambrige had no reason to tell Peter the safe’s password and with all the above proofs I must say, Lord Cambridge!You are under arrest.Anything you can and will be used against you in the court of law!"

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