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  • Divya Menon

The Digital Divide

In today’s fast changing world, it is important for us also to change with it or we will be living in the past more than in the present and will not be ready for the future. Especially in the past two years the digital sector has grown immensely, thanks to the pandemic. The pandemic had come as a shock to all of us and there are many of us who look only at the bad and ill effects of it, but there is lots to take back from it too, if we just have the correct mindset and the patience to look for it. Everything has gone online now, from online schools, work from home, to small businesses and startups which have also gone online!

It is simple and convenient if you have a device like a phone, laptop and good WiFi connectivity. It is easy for us to say that because most of the people in the urban areas are well equipped with these necessities, but what about the rural areas? They too need to study, but if they lack in digital equipment then they will be falling behind in their academics and social skills. According to a survey only thirty percent of India’s rural areas have access to broadband networks, but there is some good news too. Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up a plan called ‘Digital India’,with the help of which he plans to make internet services available to the rural areas in the very near future. Not only this, a few Indian companies like AirJaldi and Reliance Jio have tied up with the global tech giant Microsoft to provide affordable internet access for rural communities.

This is an opportunity for India to close the digital divide and narrow down the gap between urban and rural India so that everyone is on the same level and no one is missing out on anything. This will help India to grow as a nation as well as create a link between the people of the country.

The Digital Divide

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