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  • Sanvi Desai

The Door of Dreams

Vernon was a nerd and Joshua was his best friend. Vernon spent most of his time studying or reading and was always seen with a book. He loved going to the library, it made him feel at peace. When he noticed that Joshua was rather wasting his time he decided to take him to the library with him and despite Joshua's protests and complaints Vernon dragged him to the library.

Vernon started studying for an upcoming test and advised Joshua to do the same but he shrugged him off, still annoyed that he had dragged him to the library. He started playing on his phone for a while before getting bored. He then decided to find a book of his interest.

While searching in the furthermost aisle somebody bumped into him shoving him into the wall. He looked at the person in disbelief and anger. The person in a hurry just apologised and left. He realised that the wall that he just got shoved against was hollow from the inside because of the sound it made. Perhaps there was something behind it. While looking, he noticed a small hole and quickly realised that it was a keyhole. It was a door, a door nobody cared to notice. He pushed the door and to his surprise it was open.

Bright white light hit his face as soon as he opened the door. Soon it subsided when he realised that he was in a different room. The room was dimly lit, vanilla and cinnamon scent lingering as if somebody had just lit a candle. While closing the old rough wooden door he got a splinter but that did not matter because he was more curious about what was inside. He noticed a person sitting on a desk and a lamp beside him from where the light was coming from. It was a male with wheatish skin, and brown hair that matched his hazel eyes wearing a green sweater with chocolate-coloured trousers. He looked up while smiling and said "Hello Joshua." Joshua was stunned, the man knew him. The male then told him about how he must be wondering who he was and how he knew him.

Well, he was Xorn, the fairy of knowledge. Joshua could not believe him, he thought that he was being deceived by him but turns out he wasn't. He knew everything about the world, he knew everyone in the world.

Joshua took a seat in front of him and decided to quiz him about everything Joshua knew. To no surprise, he answered all the questions correctly. Joshua was enchanted by the male. He lost track of time while he was with him but then soon realised he had come there with Vernon and if he was gone for so long Vernon would be worried about him. Xorn told Joshua that it was his time to go and with a swirl of his hand and green sparkle emitting from his hand Joshua was soon awakened by Vernon shaking him up from his slumber. Joshua woke up finding himself on the very desk he was sitting on. He asked Vernon what was going on and he said that he had fallen asleep while playing games on his phone and hadn't even stood up from his chair. Confused and bewildered, he heard Vernon saying that it was time to go home. Once he bid his friend goodbye, he walked home. He went to the sink to wash his hands since he had just come from outside but as soon as he put soap on his hand and rubbed it while still thinking about the dream. His trail of thoughts was cut off when he felt a stinging sensation on his index finger. He looked at it and saw the splinter he got while closing the door of dreams.

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