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  • Smit Shah

The Fight

I awoke to the clashing of pots and pans; there was someone in my house. I put on my mask of courage and grabbed a bottle (it was made out of plastic). I crept up to the sound; it kept on clanging. My head was dripping in sweat, and my hands were clammy. I left my pursuit and ran.

I was six years old when this happened, and I was annoyed to find it was a crow doing mischief. I went on to study science and learned that nothing ever happens without reason. I continued to work on my findings and prove the reasons for nature’s phenomena known as "godly powers in the earlier days. One day, as a part of my research, I had to go into a forest for three whole days. I packed and left, ready to prove science. I landed at the airport and had a safari car pick me up. The car left me at a nice-looking thatched hut. Despite being in a jungle, it had all the necessities of modern life. The next morning, I began my trail. Then the unexpected happened.

For some reason, my GPS stopped working, and I could not find my way around the jungle. As I wanted a scientific explanation for this, I found out that connection jammers were placed all over the jungle to prevent traffic into the towns and villages nearby. I quickly calculated my directions and started north, where I knew there was a village. I traveled for the next couple of hours and became tired. I sat down and opened my tent for the night. This morning, I woke up to the noise of snarling. From my tent, I could see that it was the head of a lion. I had a scientific approach to this, so I took an object and threw it in the opposite direction from the tent opening. The lion immediately ran after it. Seeing the opportunity, I ran. The lion immediately noticed me and let out a roar. I ran as fast as I could, but I knew that the lion was faster than me. I looked for places to escape but found none. Up ahead, I saw a banyan. I decided to climb up its prop roots to escape from the lion. As I started climbing, the lion kept tugging at the root; he almost caught me when I leapt onto the branch. The lion let out another roar as he was dissatisfied with this experience. I brainstormed and decided to play a trick to make the lion go away. I gathered up the other prop roots and tied a knot. I made a loud noise that made the lion come closer. I pretend to get down and push the knot onto the lion. The lion was struck by the heavy ball's kinetic energy. The lion whimpered and then left. I safely got down, went back to my tent, and carried on. I later got to the village and asked for a map and a ride to my hut. Science was truly my savior.

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