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  • Vivaan Jain

The Flashpoint Outcome:

Russia waged a war in Ukraine over a month back. I feel that it was both justifiable as well as a monstrosity, if looked at from two completely different perspectives.

The Slavs are the ancestors of Russia and Ukraine. Russia was an independent country before Ukraine. Russia is the older brother and hence Putin feels that Russia must be the one in charge. Ukraine is imparting Western education to most of its citizens. Putin felt that Ukraine was getting more advanced in the military sector and thus, wanted to demilitarize and stop it from taking any arbitrary actions.

However, one can also argue that the measures being taken for these actions which are being implemented by Russia, are in fact arbitrary ones. In my opinion, peace treaties between Russia and Ukraine could have been a better and more peaceful solution. This being said, it is also necessary for a good leader to seek the best for his nation in terms of development, progress, and safety.

NATO recently held a conference with several countries’ representatives participating in it, including Joe Biden. This conference was held in Brussels where it was decided that the U.S. will be imposing more sanctions on Moscow and that NATO will be supplying Ukraine with troops for its safety and for regaining its lost territory. This has helped Ukraine in regaining lost ground in the outskirts of its capital city, Kyiv. NATO will also be assisting Ukraine by providing it with detection equipment, protection, and medical support, as well as training for decontamination and crisis management. There are a number of donations being sent to Ukraine from all over the world in order to improve its situation.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that over 1,00,000 people are still stuck in the port city of Mariupol under a complete blockade, and are suffering under inhumane conditions. This is deeply concerning and not very different from the humanitarian crisis which was faced in Afghanistan recently due to the Taliban’s attack.

I believe that our biggest concern must be that there are people who are losing their loved ones to this futile war. Wars only lead to a loss of lives, property, and important resources. The atrocities of war are like no other and it is impossible to imagine yourself in the shoes of people who have their family members living in one of these countries and who could be stranded over there, helpless, afraid, and uncertain of what will happen next. Thus, in my opinion, Russian troops should be retracted and peace should be made between Russia and Ukraine. It is essential that one of these countries breaks the status quo of their history of battles, and learns how to cooperate and live peacefully as brothers!

War scene between Russia and Ukraine

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