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  • Ruhaani Badve

The Future of Virtual Reality

Science and technology have come a long way in the last 150 years! First the evolution from apes to humans then the Copernicus-Newton Revolution. The ‘Apple’ company founded by Steve Jobs has been contributing to the modern era by enhancing user experience and launching successful revolutionary products developed on the foundation of privacy, security and quality. Now they have now come up with another groundbreaking product, the ‘Apple Vision Pro’, Apple’s first 3D camera with an R1 chip.

Apple Vision Pro introduces us to spatial computing. It gives users the opportunity to change the way they interact with their favourite apps, capture and relive memories, enjoy stunning TV shows and movies, and connect with others in FaceTime. It can convert an empty room into a movie theatre, with an approximately 100 ft screen, it has 180-degree high-resolution recordings with spatial Audio. It is a life changing device for gamers allowing them to play over 100 games on a screen size they wish. It creates an immersive environment by changing physical dynamics. Apple Vision Pro introduces an entirely new input system controlled by a person’s hands, eyes and voice. When someone wearing the device is approached by another individual it goes transparent allowing the user to see them and others to see the users eyes. Visual clues are given to others as well to tell them what the user is focused on. The product is made of a wide array of powerful cameras and sensors.

Yet there is a mixed opinion in the market, some Tech critics have said that although Apple is yet working on the light shroud and software aspects they have done really well with great attention to detail, where the eyetracking feels absolutely surreal and telepathic whereas others say that it lacks visual elegance and may lead to visual contortion or eye strain wearing them for a long time and have doubts regarding ventilation and battery capacity. It is expected to arrive in early 2024, priced at a range of $3,499 (approximately Rs 2.90 lakh). But the question now is, would you buy the Apple Vision Pro? Will it become the new TV, phone and computer?

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