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Fast food has become a major part of our life and our culture. There are constant new inventions in the food world, from zucchini pasta to edible gold on everything! Fast-food chains are flourishing in every corner of every city. Thousands of people go to these restaurants for their daily meals.

Fast foods, like burgers, fries pizzas and cokes are delicious. However, like all things too good to be true, these foods are really bad for you. They lack nutrition and are loaded with preservatives. They are high in fat and sugar, which appeals to our taste buds.

This energy is stored in the form of fat. Your body is so intricately designed that bursts of blood sugar every once in a while, isn't that big of a deal.It's the sweet, savoury goodness that you keep coming back for. However, these foods are like empty promises. They keep you happy, but not happy enough, increasing the frequency of those sugar bursts. Then, things start cascading downwards.

Your body's satiation level is the level when you start feeling full while eating. Ironically, when you eat whole foods like vegetables and leafy greens, you start feeling full quickly, despite having consumed fewer calories. But for fast food, even after you have satisfied the required calorie intake, you are still not done eating.

Eating junk food may make you feel energetic for a while, but then comes a sugar crash, drastically reducing your blood sugar level. Remember the sluggish clumsy feeling you felt after eating that huge plate of nachos?

Your heart has to work harder to pump that blood to the extra fat in your body. It leads to hypertension, obesity, decreased productivity, and diabetes. Some fast foods like fries are possibly carcinogenic.

I know it’s hard to get rid of your stash of potato chips and sugary cereals at the back of the kitchen. But that feeling lasts only for a while. After eating healthy, whole, nutritious food you will feel the change. Your skin will become clearer, your brain will get less foggy, and you will feel better. The more often you eat healthily, the less tolerant you will become to junk food, reducing your desire to eat these greasy fatty foods and the frequency of your hospital visits.

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