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  • Dhruv Narayanan

The Importance of Sleep

Many of us may believe that we can perform our daily tasks just fine with merely 4 or 5 hours of sleep, and so instead of sleeping on time, we spend our time studying late into the night on our phones or watching television amongst other things. This article is here to tell why this is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

During the teenage years, most changes occur in our bodies, and for almost all of these changes to occur the way you want them to, good sleep is critical. Good sleep helps us in our growth, digestion, relieving and preventing body pain, improves our ability to remember what we read (memory retention), and can also help improve the condition of many people with certain mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Good sleep also increases the energy levels of a person throughout the day - people often make up for their lack of sleep by intaking highly caffeinated beverages and other energy drinks. Such drinks are not only high in sugar and calories and other taste-enhancing substances but also can cause jitter headaches and many other severe conditions in the long term, remember that nothing can be a substitute for the lack of sleep. Bad sleep can cause an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease and high blood pressure.

In the previous paragraph, a lot is written about the importance and benefits of good sleep, but how many of us know what “good sleep” is?

Is good sleep simply based on the number of hours one gets?

Although simply getting between 7 to 10 hours of sleep in a day itself is good for the body it is even better and if we get them during proper hours when the sun is down as this can sync our biological clock with the time of day - this means we will start our day energized and end it fatigued. Medical research suggests that sleeping earlier can prevent negative thinking to some extent and also make us wake up earlier which means we will have a more energetic time during the day. We should avoid energy drinks and highly caffeinated drinks although it is fine to have them on some occasions.

One should plan their day keeping in mind a sleeping schedule based on these points.

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