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The Incredible Infinity Girl

Amruta Patil had not woken up in her house. She stared at the blue-black walls and concave ceiling, she jumped out of bed as fast as she could. The room wasn’t familiar. As she looked around, she noticed something fluttering in the wind, and gasped. “What on earth!” she murmured under her breath, as she examined the suit hanging over the back of a chair. It was dark purple with golden highlights and a large hourglass printed on the centre. That was the costume of her favourite superhero. Infinity Woman! As she stood trying to make sense of the situation, the doorbell rang, loudly and obnoxiously. Amruta rushed down the stairs, and threw open the door hoping that whoever was on the other side could explain things.

To her shock, a short man in a crisp white shirt and glasses stepped in. “You’re… Theodore Alvarez!” she exclaimed. The man scowled, “Obviously. And you’re Infinity Girl. And late. Again.” Amruta gaped at him. He didn’t wait for her to catch up and walked to the breakfast table opening his computer. “We don’t have time, Patil. Six crises to avert before lunch. Suit up quickly.” Amruta wanted to protest and say that she was not a superhero and there was some mix-up, but she paused. ‘Look,’ she told herself, ‘I’m probably dreaming and any time now, I’ll go back to regular life. I might as well enjoy being my most favourite superhero till then.’ She took a deep breath and tried to list down the things she knew.

1.She was currently with Theo Alvarez, a genius and Infinity Woman’s best friend. He took extreme offence to being considered a sidekick and it was his responsibility to survey the city and find problems for her to solve.

2.If Amruta had the same powers as Infinity Woman, she could fly and also go back in time. She could only go back seven seconds to try and ward off the problem. Any more than that would cause side effects including extreme fatigue and headache.

She focused on her surroundings to find Theo lifting an eyebrow. “Are you feeling well? You seem zoned out.” Amruta shook her head, “I’m fine. Just going to get suited up now.” Theo turned back to his computer. “Don’t forget your mask.” Amruta grabbed it on her way up the stairs. It was a plain shade of purple and only covered the top half of her face. She got dressed as fast as possible, tying her hair back, before putting her mask on. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she felt giddy with excitement. She looked the part! She ran back down and came to rest beside Theo. “I’m ready. What first?” Theo looked at the intricate map of the city on his computer and pointed at a blinking red dot. “A couple of kids are standing around the tracks at West View. By my estimate, you have ten minutes before the train hits them” he said, carelessly. “What?!” asked Amruta, aghast, but didn’t wait for an answer before speeding out. “Oh, God! I should be flying. How do I fly?” she asked herself, throwing up her hands. Trying to remember how Infinity Woman did it, she inhaled deeply and took a step off the ground. “Oh!” she said, as she found herself floating about an inch above the ground. “Good. I’m doing it.” She took a few unsteady steps before shooting into the sky. “Okay, keep going. Don’t overthink it. It’s just a dream, it can’t hurt.” She let herself look around and enjoy the view and the feeling of the cool wind before remembering that she had to save two teens from getting crushed by a train. She pulled out her phone, from where she had found it tucked into the pocket of her suit, quickly clicked on Google Maps, and focused on flying in the direction of West View. Amruta looked down and felt a wave of pure elation as she spotted the two teenagers on the railway tracks, which got immediately squashed when she saw the train speeding towards them. “Oh no!” she said, and started towards the kids. She wasn’t going to make it, not going to make it! The wind tore at her face as she shot down. She touched the front of her suit to balance herself and felt a strange sensation.

Everything suddenly felt focused and extra clear. As she looked up, she saw that the train had stopped. ‘Oh.’ she thought, ‘I activated my powers.’ She could travel seven seconds back. She moved closer to the teens and saw her surroundings shifting to adjust; the train moved back slightly and the teens took a step back. She flew closer until she was where she needed to be and snapped her fingers, like Infinity Woman, to return time back to normal.

The train was moving ahead again and the teens were stepping forward, but this time Amruta could get to them in time and pick them out of harm’s way. “Why are you so heavy?” She huffed, fighting not to drop the kids down. She flew to an uncrowded street and deposited them on the ground. “Thanks so much, Infinity Girl!”, one of them said, looking pale. The other one was holding on to a lamppost trying to regain his footing. “No problem.” Amruta lied. “Just don’t do something so stupid again.” The kids nodded and she flew back to the house. Theo turned around when she walked in through the door. “Done. Mission successful”, she said, feeling very proud of herself. Theo gave her a thumbs-up, “Great job. Now, there’s a family picnicking near the Carlson River, and one of them has fallen into the river. You have a three-minute window to help them.” Amruta tried not to yell in frustration and headed back out.

It was late at night by the time she finished her tasks and could come back. She couldn’t eat more than a sandwich before collapsing on the bed. “Sweet dreams!”, she said to the room at large. “I hope I wake up back at home with no problems to solve tomorrow.” And when she woke up the next day she was back in her own bed in her own house. It had been a dream. But she couldn’t explain the dark purple mask she found on her bedside table…

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