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The Last Eclipse

Out of the hundred billion stars blazing in the galaxy, only one caught Kelli’s attention. A huge twinkling star that was recast into a shimmering little reindeer with scimitar-like horns travelling through the infested space leaving behind bright little glittering stars like fuels leaving a rocket through its nozzle. With every heartbeat, the reindeer magnified in size leaving bigger and brighter stars like big, fluffy snowflakes until the reindeer was around seventy metres tall. Glistening in loops like a crystalline necklace, it hopped and skipped in the sky until it dissolved into fumes of glitter.

‘What a beautiful show!’ Kelli said and smiled with an expression of tender sadness. ‘I hope you’re done with your sorrowful departure,’ a voice said. The voice had a mixture of feelings: wrath, annoyance and a small percentage of pity. It proved that a person was not of saintly temper.

‘Elsa,’ Kelli said with a hushed voice. ‘Mother, the spaceships have arrived and Meg, Betty-’ But she was interjected with Kelli who said ‘After the eclipse.’

‘We don’t have time!’

‘You can leave if you want,’ Kelli said. ‘I have lived since aeons on this planet, its every patch is sacred to me- the crystal caves, landscapes of snow, soils covered with layers of ice and even the boulders and rocks who seem to be poised and dead, thrive with the feelings of the happiness and the long- lasted memories of nature.’

Elsa glared at Kelli, who intently watched the boundless sky. Just then there was a strong wind which slapped each of them. A miniature blizzard swirled around them and disappeared into thin air. ‘The eclipse is starting,’ Kelli said. Then she walked away from Elsa who stomped her foot like an angry wasp.

Kelli walked to the stop where stormy winds swirled. Towards the western horizon loomed gigantic black spaceships with multicoloured auras radiating from its tiny glass openings. She could see dozens of people including Elsa rushing over to the spaceships. But her love and affection for her sacred land banned her. ‘Pluto’s fate was preordained,’ she thought.

Natural carnage surrounded her. Moaning of ice birds could be heard- the willow ptarmigan, nocturnal white owls. She could see her beautiful Charon rotating in space. Nix, Hydra, Styx and Kerberos loomed around the planet too. The golden light of the sun reached to her in faint rays of visible light.

Just then there was complete darkness; infinite darkness. Cold winds hit her like jagged ice daggers. The wispy clouds swirled forming a heavy and cold vortex. Kelli’s face turned as vulnerable as a doting mother.

‘Kelli,’ someone said. The voice was soft and sweet. Kelli turned and faced a girl of her age. She had auburn hair braided over one shoulder. Her almond eyes gleamed brightly and a bright golden glow radiated from all the patches of her body. She looked like a golden idol.

‘Your eternal love towards Pluto has intrigued me,’ she said. ‘I am the angel of heaven, Clara.’

‘This land and its nativity have created a mesmerizing impact for me, a beacon of my connection,’ Kelli said. ‘Before I depart from this planet-’

‘A merry farewell.’ Clara smiled. She snapped her fingers and the bright sun showed itself around the planet. The golden rays of the sun gleamed the surface of Pluto, baking it like chocolate cake. It was a double eclipse. ‘I cannot bring Pluto back to life,’ Clara said.

‘But I can surely brighten your farewell.’ Kelli smiled. ‘Your eternal love for your birthplace- the dwarf planet Pluto has spread happiness into the universe,’ Clara said merrily. ‘Pluto will always love you for what you did. I wish I could ignite that spirit in every other person’s soul to love their land, respect it. You have that natural spirit. That’s the moral I have learnt from the planet.’

Kelli smiled once again. ‘Thank you,’ she said and swayed from side to side. ‘I should return to heaven,’ Clara said and in a twinkling of an eye, she disappeared.

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