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  • Moha Tungare

The Last Sight

Hi my name is Lucas, and this is the story of the boy who was blind but could see. Let me explain. Close your eyes for a few seconds. Now open them. What did you see when you shut your eyes? Darkness. But when you opened your eyes what did you see? Color. Well I was born without the ability to see, or as it is said I was born blind. Before I continue I need to address the fact that it is not me writing the story but my sister, Juliette to whom I am dictating it to. Back to the story. Well, when my eyes were open I saw darkness, when my eyes were shut I saw darkness. My world felt like the darkness had taken over when The Accident happened. The Accident occurred when I was just 2 years old. Me, my mom, Juliette and my dad had gone to Times Square to witness the infamous New York ball drop.

But a small mishap turned the ball drop into a ball fall. The pole broke midway and the ball rolled off the top and onto the crowd. Not many were killed but out of the few were my parents. That's when my aunt took in me and Juliette. My aunt and uncle treated me just as if I was their own kid. They tried their best to give me good education and amenities while I stayed with them. Juliette On the other hand did not struggle as much because she attended school with my cousins whereas I had to go to a special Braille School. After a few years post my high school graduation I realized something very weird. Whenever I would look around in the day my version would be completely obstructed there as whenever I would look in the dark I would be able to see figures of the people around me. Sometimes there would be someone glowing when I looked at them in the darkness.

Similarly it was my 13th birthday when we went to my grandmother's house to celebrate. While everyone got ready for bed I went around the house, switched off all the lights, shut the windows and made sure everyone was in their rooms. but I heard some noises coming from the kitchen. That's why I took the closest thing I could find and slowly tiptoed my way out the door of the kitchen. But it was no one else other than my grandmother. Of course you must be wondering how I knew it was my grandmother. That is exactly what I am explaining. I was able to see figures in the darkness therefore I was able to see my grandmother with all the lights switched off. really though she was glowing. Like angel level glowing with the halo and everything. I was terrified. I did not know what to do so I just quietly kept back the vase which I had picked up and went back into my room.The next day I was hit with terrible news. My lovely Grandma passed away in her sleep.

It was not something I could be there with. She was a wonderful woman with a beautiful smile who always gave in my most favorite food and this was how fate treated her. It was just not fair. I spent many days not talking to anyone just letting my grief swallow me,till Juliette came. She came and made me understand that grandma could have been going through some hardships and all that God did was free her from all her problems.But I cannot stop blaming myself. I kept on thinking that was there a reason grandma was glowing when I saw her that night. Is that why she passed away? Was it the reason for my beautiful grandma dying? As time passed I kept on pressing in my grief to a small corner in my heart which I did not want to re-explore anytime soon. After a few months, one day there were a few guests at our house.

They had come with my grandma's will which stated that all of their possessions and properties would be given to me once I turned the age of 18. And suddenly as they were settling all the finances with my aunt and uncle lightning struck. It started raining heavily and the electricity in our house soon went out. As I went around trying to search for a candle I bumped into the man who had come with the will. As I looked at him he was glowing. With the halo above his head.

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