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  • Suhani Manchanda

The Most Dangerous Adventure

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

My family and I are very adventurous and love doing new activities. We had heard a lot about night safari and wanted to try it out. We had planned this with another family and we were very excited. I woke up at 5 a.m. which was way before time. By 6 a.m. I was ready and wondering what to do as I had a lot of time in hand. All snacks and drinks were packed so I had nothing to do. Suddenly, my phone rang. I was surprised and thought who was awake at this time. It was a text from Abhay, he said that he was awake and asked if I was. I replied saying that I was and asked him to meet for a walk. I wore my shoes and got down. I met him downstairs and we talked and walked.

We were so engrossed that we did not see the time. My phone rang, it was a call from my mother. I picked up and in a worried tone she asked, “Why did you leave the house without telling me?”. I told her where I was. She said, “Oh… that is okay. Your friends are leaving earlier so you can leave with them. Dad has to do some work and then we will leave. I am sending Sanika to you. You both go with them.” I excitedly informed Abhay. At that moment his parents came down with his sister. They said they already knew that we were going with them. Sanika (my sister) came and we left. We were starting at 8:55 and were well on time. Abhay and I were asleep in the next 10 mins as we both had gotten up at 5.

I woke up to laughs, it was everyone in the car laughing at a joke my sister had cracked. I checked the time, it was 10 a.m. . Abhay was fast asleep. I asked my sister if our parents had left and she nodded. She said they were behind us. I looked back and saw my mother waving to me. At 10:30, we stopped for a break. As Abhay was sleeping, I tried waking him up. It took a while but when he finally did, we got out of the car. We went back in the car and by 10:45, we were back on the road. After stopping for lunch at 2 pm, we drove a little longer and reached at 4:30, which was half an hour earlier. Nearby there was a Starbucks store. Everybody decided to have coffee. As I had never been there, I decided to try something new. We ordered the drinks and drank. After this, we entered the night safari.

In a night safari, you are the ones in the cage while the animals are free in the area. In the car, it was only my family and Abhay s' family. As we started moving, a thought crossed my mind- is this a legal night safari? I ignored the thought but later I realized I shouldn’t have. After 5 minutes of looking at animals, I saw a silhouette of a demon. I thought I was imagining things. 2 more minutes and there was a roar. I looked back and saw the demon closer now. I knew I wasn’t imagining now. I started feeling my pockets, looking for something helpful. I found a dagger and had no idea how it reached my pocket. When I looked up I saw the driver nodding at the guide.

All of a sudden the cage door opened and we were thrown out. The demon picked us up in his hand. His grip was very tight. There were a lot of questions in my mind now- How did this happen? Where is this demon taking us? Are we going to be okay? Were the driver and the guide on the demon’s side? The demon was running with us in his hands at full speed in the direction of a lot of trees. He took us there and hung us on trees. The tree was like a creeper. Its branches tightened around our waist every minute. I observed my surroundings and saw many people going through the same. Except they looked pale. I figured they must have been stuck there for a very long time. They could die because the branches were tight around their waist.

The monster looked at me and said in a bass voice, “You and your family look like a nice dinner. I am really hungry, I’ll have you all for dinner.” His voice was scary. I started moving, trying to get the branches off me. Doing that I felt something in my pocket. My hands being inside unlike the others, I pulled out the object in my pocket. It was the dagger. I wondered how it was still in my pocket but not complaining, I cut the branches off me. I glimpsed my family and then I glanced at Abhay. He too had a dagger. He cut the branches and freed himself. I was surprised but did not stop running. Abhay ran on and faced the monster while I cut everyone’s branches, freeing them. I told them to run while Abhay and I fought the monster. Abhay was struggling. He was not able to fight the monster and got hurt. He lay on the ground, injured badly. The monster was going to clench him but I came to the rescue. I said, “Hey! Look here, you creep! Don’t hurt Abhay! Fight me instead.”

The monster gave me an evil smile. I moved ahead and struck him. The monster was not ready for this, he thought I would wait for a while. I had hit him right in the stomach and he growled in pain. It seemed like he was feeling dizzy. I jumped up on his leg and went straight up to his shoulder. I gripped my dagger as tight as I could. I cut him in the neck and jumped. I reached the ground safely. The monster growled in pain and was falling to the ground. Abhay was right behind him, the monster would fall on him but I dragged him out and saved him. I picked Abhay off the floor and we ran as fast as we could. Thankfully the other people had found a car. They helped Abhay in and I climbed in too.

I sat right next to Abhay. We all started looking for an exit but couldn’t find one. We then saw an end that was closed off by paper sheets. The driver went straight through it. There was a lot of movement. After we were on the road I looked at Abhay. He had passed out! I shouted so that the driver could hear me, “Go to a hospital. Abhay is badly injured and needs emergency help. He has passed out.” The driver increased the speed of the car and we reached there in no time. I rushed Abhay to the doctor and he was attended to.

After an hour, the doctor came out and said, “Don’t worry, your friend is going to be completely fine. He has to stay the night in the hospital. I just want to say that what you both did was very dangerous, but you saved a lot of people. Recently many people had been disappearing but you saved all of them. Congratulations!” I spent the night at the hospital with Abhay. He recovered after a good night's sleep. We left the same day and reached home safely.

This was the most dangerous adventure I had ever been on.

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