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  • Ayan Datta

The Move

Once upon a time, there was a 14-year-old boy named Jack who loved playing video games and spending time with his friends. He was an average student, but he didn't really care much about school.

One day, Jack's parents told him that they were moving to a new town. Jack was excited at first because he thought it would be a fresh start, but when he found out that he would be starting at a new school, he started to feel nervous.

Jack had always struggled with making new friends. He was afraid that he wouldn't fit in at his new school and that he would be all alone. On his first day of school, he felt like he was walking into a new world. The school was huge, and he didn't know anyone.

At lunchtime, Jack went to the cafeteria, hoping to find a place to sit. He looked around and saw a group of boys playing cards. They looked like they were having fun, so Jack decided to join them. He walked over to the table and introduced himself.

"Hi, my name is Jack. Can I sit with you guys?" he asked.

The boys looked up and stared at him for a moment. Then, one of them said, "Sure, you can sit with us. My name is Mark."

Jack sat down, and the boys started to play cards again. At first, Jack didn't know what to say, but he tried to join in the conversation. He asked them about their favourite video games and what they liked to do for fun.

After a few minutes, Jack started to feel more comfortable. He realized that these boys were just like him. They liked playing video games and hanging out with friends. Jack was relieved that he had found some new friends.

Over the next few weeks, Jack got to know the boys better. They would hang out at lunchtime and after school. They even started to invite him over to play video games.

One day, Jack's new friends invited him to go camping with them. Jack had never been camping before, but he thought it sounded like fun. He asked his parents if he could go, and they said yes.

The boys planned to camp in the woods behind the school. They brought tents, sleeping bags, and food. When they arrived, they set up their tents and started a campfire. They cooked hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire and told ghost stories.

As the night wore on, Jack started to feel uneasy. He heard strange noises in the woods and thought he saw something moving in the shadows. He tried to shake it off, but he couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched.

Suddenly, they heard a loud howl. It sounded like a wolf. The boys jumped up, and Jack's heart started pounding. They looked around but didn't see anything.

"Let's go back to school," Mark said. "I don't want to stay here anymore."

The boys quickly packed up their belongings and started walking back to the school. Jack was scared and kept looking over his shoulder. He thought he saw something moving in the woods, but he couldn't be sure.

When they got back to the school, they told the Principal what had happened. The Principal called the police, and they searched the woods. They found tracks that looked like they were made by a large animal, but they couldn't find anything else.

The next day, Jack's parents picked him up from school. They told him that they were moving again, this time to a different state. Jack was sad to leave his new friends, but he was also relieved to leave the woods behind.

As they drove away, Jack thought about his new friends and the fun times they had together. He realized that he had made some great memories.

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