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The Multiverse Theory

We humans, right from the beginning of time, are taught about the earth. The languages, the history, the places on earth and so much more. After all, it is the planet we all live on! However, I’m sure most of us would have had the curiosity about what is Beyond the Earth?

For starters, most of us have studied or heard about the solar system; the collection of 1 sun, 8 planets, dwarf planets, asteroids and comets. One of the 8 planets happens to be our Earth. Now, what is beyond our solar system? There are more solar systems! Each with their own sun, planets and dwarf planets. Now we come to the word all of us love to abuse every time we try to exaggerate something. Its “Galaxy”. Every time we need to say something on a bigger scale we refer to words like Galaxy. The local vada pav guy claims to have the best vada pavs in the “galaxy” while one of my friends titles himself as the smartest person in the “galaxy”. Several of us use this term not even knowing the exact meaning! A galaxy is basically a HUGE collection of solar systems. The galaxy our solar system is in currently is called the Milky Way Galaxy. Lots of galaxies form Clusters which form Super clusters. Almost all of us know this so you may be wondering why am I wasting our time writing this? Well as you may have read from the title of the article, I’m just trying to build up some background for our main topic… The Multiverse Theory!

So all of these Super clusters come together to form our Universe. Now the Universe is vastly beyond our reach. The Observable Universe is the part of the Universe we can understand or look at here from Earth itself (using means like the James Webb Telescope and other Scientific Methods). But the Universe does not seem to end at the observable universe but extends much further than our reach and know. There are a few theories of what may be ahead of the Observable Universe. A theory suggests that the universe is endless and infinite and will keep on going while another theory suggests that the Universe actually has an end! This theory is The Multiverse Theory. It has less logical proof than the first one but it is still a possibility. The Multiverse theory suggests that just like this Universe there are infinite numbers of other universes which together form the multiverse! These other universes may have different laws of nature than ours, and different life forms. Since they are infinite, there will be a universe where one of us is the President and the other is a famous celebrity and other weird and crazy likelihoods too! This gives rise to infinite numbers of different versions of just one person! This is the part that I love about this theory. It boggles and plays with the mind. Maybe in an alternate universe, I have a sixth sense! Which theory do you prefer more?

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