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  • Zahra Kanorwala

The Mystery of the Stolen Goods

The Spy detective agency better known as the SDA had noticed a series of mysterious events where all goods that were supposed to reach them were stolen first! Last month, money from their bank was stolen and prior to that, all their guns and bullets! They needed to catch the culprit, and fast.

Mr.Ronald, a man in his mid 50’s had been working for SDA for 30 years and had a good amount of experience with such situations. The entire team approached Mr.Ronald and asked him for help. He said

“According to my experience this is an insider job…. I need you all to work together to form a list of 3 suspects you all might have.”

The first suspect on the list was Jane, the ex-marketing officer. She had left her job about a month ago with a huge amount in her bank account.She claimed that her husband had won a lottery.

Next on the list was Mr. Dahl, the snoopy manager. He always went through files and overheard conversations. Could he have been party to the crimes?

The third person on the list was the communication officer. He had details of all transactions that took place at the SDA.

The team submitted this file of suspects to Mr. Ronald. He in turn gave them three identical folders and said, “Go and give these files to the three of them but get them back in half an hour saying that they were handed the wrong files. Go, hurry up!” They all did so.

The next day, Mr. Ronald walked into the office with a triumphant look on his face. He claimed to have found the criminal mastermind!

Everyone was shocked and asked him how he had come to his conclusion! He said it was a piece of cake! All of them fell right into his trap!

“You see”, he said, “The files that I had handed to you were labeled as ‘Exchanges taking place’ and inside that I had written a note saying that ‘Today the exchange will take place at the Ramada Palace at 9:00 pm. along with the room number.” “I gave all of them the same note in the file but all of them had different room numbers. Mrs.Jane had the room no. as 201, Mr.Dahl had the room no. 301, and the communications officer had room no. 401. I had booked all three of those rooms and beforehand had kept all the cameras ready.I put the cameras and sat down for the show. At around 9:10 someone broke into room no. 301. The no. given to the snoopy manager! Which told me that he had leaked the details again!”

“This is how I found the mastermind.!”

Everybody started clapping and were amazed and awed with his brilliance and intelligence.

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