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  • Kabir Parmani

The Need for Vaccination

The Coronavirus Pandemic has had an impact on the entire world. Everyone is awaiting their turn for vaccination so that the fear of this deadly disease is out of their lives and they remain healthy. India is a large country with a dense population and it is very difficult for everyone to get a vaccine immediately.

India, in present condition, is the largest producer of vaccine per day. Each and everyday hospitals are opening 200-500 slots at an average which is not yet sufficient for a country like India. As soon as the vaccination slot gets open, people rush to register and book the vaccination for themselves, their families, friends, and loved ones for vaccination so that they are free of any major harm from the pandemic. Although vaccination is applied to people, they should take proper precautions like wearing masks, washing hands regularly, increase immunity. This can be attained by eating fresh vegetables and fruits and daily exercise.

The underprivileged population of India(which is 70% of the total population)do not have advanced technology or a stable internet connection and are mainly illiterate, so they are unable to book vaccines for themselves and hence this problem will not be very easy to solve, but if we try our best to help people out then we might end this pandemic in this year itself. According to the latest news, only 75% of the population will be vaccinated in India by mid 2024. Till May 5 2021 it is pointed out that only 9.4% of the population is vaccinated. Also due to the high cost of vaccination, 70% of the population cannot afford the vaccination. After our family gets vaccinated, we should also make an effort to register and book vaccination for the people who are differently abled to afford devices to book their vaccines. For instance, we can help our watchmen or domestic helpers who come to our home to increase our daily work’s efficiency, garbage collectors who come early in the morning to collect garbage from our house, milkmaids who come to our doorstep to deliver milk and the newspaper distributor too. If we try to open our hearts and make a decision to do selfless social service, it will not take time for this pandemic to end.

Graph showing states with their respective percentage of people vaccinated with at least one dose

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