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  • Aahana Mathur

The Positive Side of 2021

2021 has been a difficult year for all of us. For one thing, the pandemic is still going on, and we are still battling it, but if we talk about the positive side of 2021, let me remind you that we did it! Go ahead and congratulate yourself. It’s time that we shift our focus and celebrate all the good things which occurred in 2021, and be optimistic for 2022.

In the year 2021, more than 8.47 billion Covid 19 vaccinations were administered globally. The largest mass vaccination campaign in history, the speed and efficiency of this life saving vaccine was a blessing for all of us.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully converted some of Mars’ carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere into oxygen in April. As a giant leap toward getting humans on Mars, NASA said the move “could pave the way for science fiction to become science fact”.

Let’s not forget that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 successfully took place in 2021, with India finishing at 48th place , the best in four decades, and 33rd in terms of overall medals won. Neeraj Chopra won Gold in the Men’s Javelin Throw final to win Independent India’s first medal in Athletics.

This year has taught all of us various life lessons which we will always remember. One of the most valuable lessons is that change is the only constant. The pandemic not only changed life as we know it but has also changed us individually. Right from realizing the paramount importance of the health of self and loved ones, to re-aligning our life goals and priorities, many say that the world has changed forever. It showed us that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change. The pandemic saw multitudes of people helping one another, getting oxygen cylinders, medicines or even arranging beds. It portrayed how community spirit helps us get through tough times. Year 2021: it has put forth how life really is: cruel, tragic, transient but at the same time deeply meaningful, joyful and endlessly fascinating. What we can do is make the most of our time here, with our loved ones, let go of useless pursuits and mind-games and live our lives with complete- authenticity.

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