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  • Jui Inamdar

The Power of Music

Music, for the entire human species, is a gift given by God. It is the key to the soul which helps us to be mentally and physically healthy. Music is the best way to be happy in life. In this busy, crowded and corrupt world, where finding positivity and trust is considered a fortunate gift, during difficult times music helps provide relief to our brain and keeps us happy. I have experienced myself that music is, in fact, always a tool to be happy and is an instant mood lifter. It touches the soul and helps you connect with people.

Music is an art form which triggers our feelings in different ways. The soul of music comprises rhythm, pitch, texture, timbre and dynamics. It is the complete package for improving our soul and mind equally, which also has the God gifted power to erase all the negative thoughts from our mind and to make it more positive and happy. This indeed improves our concentration and works to enhance our overall skills. There is unlimited power in music like healing and relaxing. After listening to the music, people feel relaxed and forget all their worries for a certain period.

It eases the stressed muscles of the human body and provides calmness to the mind of a tired person.

Music is said to be a language understood by all living beings. While the citizens of the world are divided by language, race, and a host of other things, the one instance when the world is in unity is when we connect to the same melodies. Even animals and plants tend to recognize and feel music, just like humans.

Music is an important part of our lives. It dictates our mood, controls our thoughts and affects our relationship with others. Music is a beautiful form of expression. It is that form of art that evolves continuously. Everyone has some form of passion towards music within them, either in the form of a desire to learn or listening for relaxation. It is right to say that music helps in washing away all the stress of our hectic and busy daily life from within.

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