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  • Aarya Vernekar

The Prediction

I sat crossed legged with tears rolling down my eyes in the shrill traffics of Mumbai nights echoing into my flat. The glistening yellow lights reflected on the broken china plates on the floor. Suddenly, I remembered everything that had happened in the past week with my partner right from the prediction of the astrologer.

Aman and I were in the fair watching the many wonders of the world. Families with their kids, young couples, and young groups of friends were all waiting in this queue which led us in front of an astrologer who promised to predict your future the way it was written by fate. Flabbergasted by this, we too stood in the line to meet the astrologer. Aman bought me an ice cream which we both ate while standing in the line, but there was hardly any change in the pace of the queue, hours passed by but not the line. Agitated by my determination to meet the astrologer and the long turtle-like line, Aman finally decided to go home.

Even though I was angered by his behaviour I madly believed in things like palmistry. I wore more than five rings to keep my future secure from any mishap and bad luck. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I fasted to safeguard myself from any bad happenings that could occur in my life. I felt these were the only ways I could be secured and guarded.

THE WAIT WAS FINALLY OVER! We had waited for more than an hour but it felt like it was all going to be worth it. I was so excited that I almost shoved my hand in the astrologer's face. As soon as I showed my palm, the astrologer's face became pale, he stuttered as he said what was wrong to me.

"Your partner will betray you soon, after your separation with him you will be miserably depressed."

The tub of popcorn dropped off from my hands. I felt like my world was collapsing and I could not wait longer. I walked alone in the freezing night, but the coldness of the night could not compete with the coldness of my future.

The moonlight from my window illuminated my white marble statue. I scrolled through numerous portals in search of any remedy that would prove false to the prediction. Days of searching I found rings that would strengthen our relationship, a magical ash and many more superstitious practices that would help us. I tried everything on Aman but it all ended up with us arguing at the end. Even though I never revealed anything to him about the prediction out of curiosity he always asked me about what the astrologer said but I always twisted and distracted him. However the time came when Aman finally decided to face me off regarding the prediction. After several denials, sobs and convincing I shouted on top of my lungs and said “I did all of this to save us because the prediction stated you would leave me and I would not be able to handle our separation," he pounced back and said, "You can't truly believe a jobless false astrologer, can you? Where did I lack for you to easily believe an old man who would not even recognize you if we visit again.”

His words had made more sense within minutes than my insecure behaviour in the whole past week. As I cleaned the broken plates I threw in anger Aman came in and helped me I could not look into his eyes due to the guilt, but he made me sit on the couch and said “Aarya, I understand that you got scared and did all of this out of love but remember one thing dear no stars, no cards, no person, no book can ever predict our fate, ever, because it is all in our hand”.

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