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  • Bhavneet Oberoi

The Prophecy of Hitler’s Tyranny

What if I told you that Hitler’s tyranny had been predicted a long time ago, much before his birth? Not a felicitous guess, nor a mistaken interpretation but an actual foresight into the future? It is certainly not every day that a man just as human-like as anybody else predicts the story of one of history’s most infamous dictators. 

Prophecies transcend mere prediction. They have shaped destinies, altered the courses of nations, sparked wars, forged alliances, and inspired the rise and fall of powerful empires. They create a bridge between the already known and the mysterious future, linking what is and what lies behind the veil of the present by offering glimpses into the future that are both enigmatic and enlightening. 

At the intersection of the divine and human stand prophets, esteemed figures who have channelled messages from beyond the present, to guide, warn, and inspire all of humanity throughout history. One such eminent prophet is Nostradamus. 

His predictions, shrouded in mystery, are reputed to have rightly anticipated major incidents, ranging from the demise of Henry II to the 9/11 tragedy. Moreover, He also predicted the onset of Hitler’s reign in five quatrains, some of which are:

"From the depths of the West Europe, (at Braunau, Austria)

A young child will be born to poor folks, 

He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop;

His fame will spread even to the Orient." (Japan)

“The sudden death of the chief man, (Von Hinden-Burg in 1934)

Will have changed the political setup

 and set another in the rulership. 

Soon, though coming late to so high and at a low age, 

He will have to be feared on land and sea.” 

History has repeated itself umpteen times by proving a majority of Nastradamus’s predictions accurate. As time ascends and various other written prophecies unravel in the form of actions, we lure deeper and deeper into the mystery of these rare happenings which point to the fact that Hitler may have been the greatest enemy we’ve known, however, after reading other inexplicable prophecies that don’t relate to us yet, it is safe to say that there are greater villains and heroes our world awaits, disasters and miracles that our future beholds.

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