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  • Yuveer Mulchandani

The psychology of one gone astray: A criminal

The human mind is perhaps one of the most fascinating structures on the surface of earth. The delicately crafted brain works in ways that no one has been able to decipher. It still stands as one of the greatest unsolved complexities of our intricate world. Psychology is the study of the human brain: the branch of science that has been attempting to solve the mysteries of our brains. The nuances of the human mind are not what I would like to delve into today but rather the psychological mind of a criminal - the branch psychology titled criminology.

The way and why we do things is so chaotic and individualistic yet the childhood of a person makes it somewhat predictable. Childhood is the formation and maturation of one's character and personality. Every major criminal is found to have critical psychological disturbances during this phase. These events shake the foundations of a person and generally involve disturbances in the parents mental state as well. These disturbances include alcoholism, death, abuse and many others. This childhood trauma can hamper the psychological development, instil into them irreversible lapses of judgement and induce the 'dog-eat-dog' mindset within them.

Our childhood forms the crux of our character. People exposed to the horrors of the real world at an age so young are bound to be heavily disturbed. The upbringing of a child is a process that requires much caution and sensitivity for the entire future of the child depending upon this. If a person is exposed to the harshest extremities of humanity, how can anyone expect them to cope?

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