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  • Nivan Agarwal

The Religion of Politics: Dogma Manipulation

Religion and politics are the two deeply intertwined threads that make up the fabric of every society that currently exists. Even in developing nations political agenda cannot make a lasting impression on people without accepting the influential factor of communal religion. Thus, the question that emerges is - To what extent is this political influence acceptable?

Every form of government, be it a monarchy, dictatorship or democracy, has always taken into account the religious beliefs of the people, for religion is that delicate core that makes up the essence of humanitarian belief. Religion is the shortest and yet the riskiest method of approaching the thought of a person, especially in certain religiously faithful countries.

Over the gulf of years many powerful empires have used religion as the main stronghold to latch upon the belief of the common people. Various rulers of India used the policy of religious tolerance and equality to strengthen their throne of power.

During the times of Renaissance the Holy Bible and its teachings were used to expand its religious reign over the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1600s. Nowadays, political parties too use religion as a method of bringing in votes from certain rural areas.

The consequences of this interference are distinctly noticeable in the cases where the influence of politics in religion grows too much. The horrifying aftermath of this can clearly be seen in religiously torn countries. The political turmoil in countries due to religion being the driving factor is a recurring example of extensive complications in religion. While certain religions share the same beliefs and virtues, the controversy regarding each of their origins has turned their followers against the other religions. With the introduction of religion-driven politics, archaeology and history were manipulated to suit the political agenda. This has now created a fearsome war of conflicting thoughts, which has brought the two countries to a brittle deadlock, waiting to be broken. The dogmas, or the unquestioning, blinding belief of the people have led them to wage war against any who contradict them, even their own governments.

The above example is just one among countless others that have occurred throughout history. Why is it that political meddling goes out of hand in all these cases? Playing with the thoughts and emotions of the common man through religion is a completely incorrect method of undergoing political agenda, and such delicate pieces that make up a devoted man’s reality cannot be meddled with just to favour political envy.

A change in society cannot and should not be brought about to suit political greed. If people are to be made to embrace a change, it must be for the greater cause of development and modernisation rather than for establishing a majority.

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