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  • Kabir Parmani

The Role of Newspapers

The newspapers, as the voice of the people , play a very important role in a democratic country like India. They form an important link between the public and the government. It is through the newspaper that the public comes to know about the priorities, policies and programmes of the government. Similarly, in my opinion, the government can keep itself well updated about the grievances, aspirations, expectations, and opinions of the public through the press.

They help in the formation of public opinion on matters of national and global importance. They not only mould but also reflect public opinion. Newspapers are the real watchdogs of democracy and of the rights and privileges of the people. Newspapers can also be instrumental in bringing out desired social, cultural, and attitudinal changes in society. They can be put in effective use of building up national integrity, unity, harmony and solidarity and also removing social evils, such as superstitions, evils of untouchability, dowry, communalism and casteism. The powers and the influence of the press are really unlimited, but they can be misused as well. They are regarded as double-edged swords. In the wrong hands, they may be used by people of vested interests and unruly elements. For example, they may give us half-news or completely fabricated news.

As a friend, guide, counsellor, educator, representative and the voice of the people, a perfect newspaper should be impartial, truthful, sincere and fearless. It has to be the guardian and watchdog of the interests of the people. To perform these duties freedom of the press is a must. A journalist should never forget his mission of unbiased, frank and fearless reporting hence he/she is loyal to his/her profession. The most important benefit of newspapers, which many people may agree with, is that newspapers also play a vital role in the reconstruction and regeneration of a country. During our struggle for independence, the press was the only ray of light which played an important and constructive role. Tilak, Gandhi, Nehru and other leaders published and edited newspapers and magazines and wrote articles, and reviews for them.

On the other hand, the newspapers are helped by the council of Quasi-Judicial Body to maintain their independence and ensure to maintain the high standards of public taste and foresee a sense of rights and responsibilities. Thus, it is freedom with responsibility.

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