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The Value of Trust

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

I had often wondered why I was asked not to open that cupboard. It lay in my grandfather's room. He had recently passed away. I never knew much of it, as it was always covered with a white cloth. Nobody ever cleaned it, or even took notice of it – until 'they' came.

My mother was in search of new domestic help to help her keep the house spick and span. When the new neighbours shifted in a week later, they had a housewarming party. It was there that my mother met their help, Samaira. She offered to work at a very low salary, and the new neighbours vouched for her, saying she was just about twenty one years old, fit, healthy and very obedient.

However, my mother soon had to do away with her. My mother was always protective of the cupboard. So much so that when she saw Samaira almost going to open it, she screamed and ordered her to leave! I felt bad. She had been very efficient.

I was just seven years old back then, and over the years I saw many good and bad servants come and go. However, I could never understand one thing– why was everybody forbidden to touch that cupboard? What was in it? I kept these unanswered questions in my head and decided to move on.

Many years passed. The white cloth was gradually turning grey and then black due to the dust and the dirt. But it remained draped over the cupboard, as if beckoning me with its ominous aura of mystery.

So one day, while my mother was out, I decided to open the cupboard and find my answers. I was ready. Mother was not home. I walked to my grandfather’s room, and pulled at the doors of the forbidden cupboard.

My head had pictures of a path leading to a different world, or things that were magical, or supernatural creatures or some sort of unusual secret! But my excitement was all in vain!

Standing right there in front of me, among the spider webs was a pearl. It was quite an ordinary- looking pearl, but what caught my attention was a note, with something written in my grandfather’s handwriting.

It said – “ So you have failed the test of trust. I told you not to open this. But you have. Now, not only have you lost me, but also the value of trust.” There was no use crying over spilt milk now, and so I closed the cupboard and turned away.

It was that day that my grandfather, even though no longer with me on this Earth, taught me my most valuable lesson.

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